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    Match Threads Spurs vs Liverpool - Match Thread

    4-0 Liverpool. Sorry but I just can't see any result other than us getting murdered. I probably won't even bother watching it.
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Liverpool thread

    If they did I think they'd have to disband the club completely. How would you ever live it down? But unfortunately however, they won't mess it up. They're just too fucking good.
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    I think they'd do well to get rid of Auba in January. One of their major problems is that they have two strikers in a system where only one is needed and hence Lacazette always ends up on the bench. Get rid of Auba, and use the money on younger hungrier players, plus it gets rid of another...
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    Toby signs new contract

    Fantastic News! Early Xmas pressie for all of us.
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    Everton get Carlo Ancelotti, a serial winner in many different countries with vast amounts of experience.... Arsenal get the bloke who used to collect the bibs and put out the cones for Guardiola... How the mighty have fallen and long may it continue.
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    Match Threads Manchester United vs Spurs - Match Thread

    The irritating thing is that Utd haven't even been that good. We've just been worse. Far worse
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    Match Threads Manchester United vs Spurs - Match Thread

    What a load of old toilet...
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    He went to Chelsea where they hated his guts remember. He survived OK. He'll be fine at Arsenal
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    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    Poch out? Jose in? Spurs really are a bunch of beautifully mad bastards. Probably why I'm such a fan...
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    Club Statement - Pochettino leaves

    So who's going to be in charge for the West Ham game? I'll give it a go if no one else is interested...
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    Club Statement - Pochettino leaves

    Thank you Mauricio, whatever happens in the future we'll always have this...
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    Club Statement - Pochettino leaves

    Gutted. Not happy.
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    The England Thread

    So do you think that if the whole team has a punch-up, they'd all get sent home and we'd have to cancel the match? *fingers crossed*
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Sheffield United - Match Thread

    Announce relegation