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    Match Threads Leicester vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Not a bad half of football, that. Actually enjoyed it.
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    Match Threads Olympiacos vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Very happy memory of Olympiakos and Athens, my 1st ever European away match in 1972 - a present to myself for my 20th birthday. Far too many incidents to recall in detail here, but what an experience: my first and only (accidental) visit to a brothel, running away from said brothel, getting...
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    The beginning of the end... Interesting angle on the Jack Clarke transfer, worth a read.
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    Dean Saunders Isn't Karma a wonderful thing.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Newcastle - Match Thread

    That would actually be an improvement. Last season it was 26.
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    The Cricket Thread

    After checking the weather forecast, I cut my losses today and decided not to travel down to Lords from Dorset (£120 rtn on the train), despite having a ticket. If they don't bowl another ball today I get a 50% refund (£37.50). My last 3 visits to Lords, over 5 years, have all been rain...
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    The Cricket Thread

    Even a backstop wouldn't have helped Ireland today.
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    Let's All Laugh At... Lets all laugh at Newcastle thread

    It could be worse for Newcastle fans, Pardew and Mark Hughes are both still available........
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    When a simple shirt launch goes bad, this is pretty brutal. "........however, the (shirt) promotional campaign was hijacked by people with offensive or insensitive Twitter handles, including @GasAllJewss, @MadelineMcCann, and @96wasnotenough...
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    At the turn of the year, WHU were @ £100m in debt. Around £64m is loans from 3 shareholders (2 of which are Gold and Sullivan) and a further £32m owed in transfer fees to other clubs.
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    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    Lyon are looking to sign Pele as a replacement?
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    Sky and BT will not show live Premier League football on Boxing Day

    The lack of any Boxing Day public transport outside of London, forcing me to use my car, p*sses me off far more than this.
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    The Formula 1 Thread

    Not true. Vettel claimed for all the world that he didn't see Hamilton, but we now know the Race Stewards looked at CCTV footage from Vettel's car, that wasn't broadcast, that shows him checking his mirrors and assessing Hamilton's track position - before steering into his line in order to...
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    Company offering travel for Spurs fans to Champions League final in Madrid for less than £300

    Just so long as it's not Transport Secretary Chris Grayling organising this we should be OK.