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  • Thanks for the reppage mate. I was actually waiting for you to weigh in with something special like always. :lol: Much appreciated. Lovin the sig btw. :up:
    Thanks for the rep. Having a go at that mean spirited poster is its own reward, but being repped by someone as well regarded as yourself is a bit of icing on the cake. Cheers
    Cheers for standing up for me in there, I just don't know what's made him go so nuts and try so hard to defame me like this. I'm glad people aren't falling for it.

    I know you said you had someone go on your account, maybe that's the case here, but with you all they did was talk nonsense about a player whereas here, if this is what has happened, they've threatened violence on someone in my name, which is a touch more serious. I like to think I don't know anyone, even some of my crazier Greek friends, who would do that, and especially not under racist motivation.

    I don't know, I've just been assuming Breezer is on the wind up because it's quite easy to write something out and wrap it in a quote box to make it look like someone has said it, but if you guys are saying it looks genine then there might be more too it than that. I hope not though, because all I ever want to do is chat a bit of football with you guys and there are enough members of this site who don't get on with me who may well see this whole thing as a stick to hit me with.
    Oi you alright?
    Have a good night at the union mate, was worried to begin with that your a gooner!
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