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  • Well it would be nice if he did, but I'd just settle for a few non wrapped players tbh, I'm not fussy lol Anyway I'm off to bed, see you for more itk fun and games soon no doubt :p
    Yes it was a awful feeling, you can still read it by not signing on, but where is the fun in that lol Ahh yes the dancing banana, hopefully it will be making an appearence soon, maybe even more than once if the eyetk is to be believed ;)
    I thought when I couldn't see the itk thread there was something wrong with the site, then it dawned on me that I might have got myself banned, maybe for posting to many silly smileys lol Thankfully I got it sorted though.
    Hmmm well most of my spam neg comes from a mod, one who likes to make jokes about his wife ;) I was even banned for a few hours one night last week, but was back again the next morning, all very strange. Good to know some appreciate the jokes though :)
    Yes they have, to many lack a sense of humour on that place, it won't stop me posting on there though :)
    I'll give you a positive rating to make up for it, saying it was kinda my fault you got the neg lol Far to many take that place to seiously though, I started out with 4 neg reps, now look how many I have, all from the itk thread.
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