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  • Cool dude. Thanks for letting me know. If your about later i might pop over and pick it up if ya in!? :-D

    P.s. a log flume in the fridge would be epic :up:
    Cheers dude... that seems to have worked :up:

    Weird though as I always have logged on through the spurscommunity forums link on google but today it's not having it. Still.... it's sorted now so all good :-D
    Hey dude. Is SC working ok for you thismorning? I can only log in from my phone? When I try on the work Pc it says thanks for logging in then goes back to the log in page :-(
    Back to my evenings viewing:

    7/10 - A soldier, who until recently was serving in Afghanistan, wakes up on a train in someone elses body. Eight minutes later he's a sort of paste for a fraction of a second then he wakes up again, this time in a strange chamber and discovers that he is connected to a device that will, if his mission is successful, tell them who is about to detonate a dirty bomb in the middle of Brooklyn.

    I enjoyed this much more than i thought i was going to, but i did find myself wondering if it was being a bit too smart for it's own good, over-complicating decent, simple plot lines with jargon. Nice story though, not that difficult to watch if you ignore all the techno-bedazzlery and just pay attention to what's actually happening. I found it a shame that, after tying up so many details that had come up during the film, it leaves one last one hanging with very little explanation - frustrating and unnecessary.

    Fabuloso! Now to get everyone between us neg repped/ deleted so that I might become a willing number 2, after which we take over SC, then all Internet, then the world!!!
    Morning Admiral. We knew this day would one day come. It's time to reconvene The Keith Squad.

    It appears someone, a man loved by millions, is missing - presumed "disappeared".

    The following has been posted in the Youth Team Journeymen thread in Spurs Chat:

    Steve Slade - I think he briefly went to QPR then disappeared

    You know what to do. Get the moped, tie down your hamsters and I'll see you at oh-twelve hundred o'clocks. It's time to find a Slade (and I don't mean a 70s band specialising in shit Christmas songs - although that's as good a place to start as any).

    Godspeed, sir.
    Yeah I was going to complain to A&C about the fact that it comes up about me sucking cock in the rep box, but then I figured he probably put it in there in the first place. :lol:
    I have seen that film RSS - I think I've probably seen every film he's ever made or been it including all those early Roger Corman movies. I love Jack!
    "The image can't be displayed at the moment. Please go to gifbin to see it" :lol:
    :lol: 60/40 to Cheryl in my book mate. I need to cut down on my Ancorman and Dodgeball quotes :lol:.
    Do you know what would be awesome? If there were a remake of King Kong using the dog from the Dulux ads... and at the end, it battles with an Andrex puppy....

    Yeah, that would be sweet.
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