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    Player Watch Player Watch: Eric Dier

    Still think there's a first team CB in there. Similar career path to King - break through in DM, drop back over time. Who could be his Naybet though?
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    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    That's exactly what we were doing in José's first run of games, the last time everyone was fit.
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    £175m Loan from the Bank of England

    Wages, innit. Lack of CL, trophies were always just convenient excuses for players that joined other teams for the moolah. To my mind, the new stadium has always been about increasing revenue sufficiently to sustainably pay the big bucks to top players and recent evidence bears that out (wage...
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    Ha ha. I assume being one of only two clubs in the PL that are financially secure enough to qualify for one of these loans means that we're in trouble and selling all our players?
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    Bundesliga 19/20

    Kane and/or Dele must have come pretty close a couple of times.
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    Van Der Vaart

    He was so good. AVB getting rid of him was like Graham getting rid of Ginola.
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    The Cycling Thread

    When he says "the ride will be harder", he means you'll have a sore arse for a say or two after your first ride. Physically propelling the bike will be much, much easier than you're used to on an MTB. There will also be an element of fear to start with - you'll likely be higher up and will feel...
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    The Cycling Thread

    How do you mean?
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    Yeah, they did not think that one through...
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    Bundesliga 19/20

    Kane and Dier have both captained England for a reason but beyond those two, I do agree. But then I've also been proud of the fact that our squad is packed full of thoroughly nice chaps. Maybe you can't have both?
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    Player Watch - Steven Bergwijn

    But Spurs don't pay high wages because Levy's really stingy. :troll:
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    Club Statement - Pochettino leaves

    20 years would do it imo (prior to Fergie, Manchester United were in the same boat as us). I don't think football works in 20 year "eras" anymore though. More like 3-5 year "cycles".
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    Club Statement - Pochettino leaves

    Well done for continuing to fight the good fight. I don't know whether I have the energy anymore. It's like people just don't want to comprehend the following: 1) Liverpool are a much bigger club than us. 2) As a result of (1), Liverpool already had more money than us. 3) On top of that...
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    Player Watch Player watch: Jan Vertonghen

    I too have hope for Dier. I think the extent of the illness he suffered has been massively downplayed and, when you consider that elite sport is all about marginal gains, had much more of an effect on his performance levels than people realise...