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    Gary Neville : ‘Levy the best operator in football’

    He didn't find Harry Kane but the fact that Harry Kane still plays for us has everything to do with Daniel Levy.
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    Kimmich being a Berkshire Hunt -
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    I was under the impression that most transfer fees are paid in installments. They're talking about it like it's some revolutionary new idea.
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    I don't think they've had a great summer if they haven't addressed the glaring problems they have at the back and in terms of spirit/character. They've picked up 137 points at home in the last three seasons compared to our 132 (mostly at Wembley, tbf). Away from home they've got 69 compared to...
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    Match Threads Tottenham Vs Real Madrid

    I could do without the sarcasm, to be honest. He has this thing of seizing on a particular word or phrase in a question and throwing it back at the reporter in a pretty obviously hostile way. Totally unnecessary, in my opinion, whatever's going on behind the scenes. Potentially destabilising for...
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    I don't discount them but I do think we have the stronger first XI, more balanced squad, better coach and we should be looking for at least 75-80 points this season. I think they'll do well to get in the 70s at all I'll be very surprised if they manage 75. We're not going to finish twelve points...
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    Juventus vs SPURS

    Just over 50,000, I saw somewhere.
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    Juventus vs SPURS

    That's about as enjoyable and satisfying as non-competitive games get. Lots of bite in the first half, didn't allow Juventus players any time on the ball and built well from the back with Gazzanigga and the defence calm and precise in their passing. The youngsters all played well; Parrott in...
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    Danny Rose left out of pre-season tour of Asia as he edges closer to departure

    I won't enjoy seeing him play for another club. Not one bit.
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    'Pochettino looked me in the eyes' - Ndombele

    'He touched me appropriately'.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    You could practice corners in there.
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    Lo Celso's Tottenham move stalls over valuation

    I'd love to see him with us but Betis have everything to gain from holding on to him for another season. His value is only going up they're not likely to find anyone nearly as good even with £60-70m in the bank. I saw Pablo went to PSG for only €20m (his buy-out clause) yesterday- which is a...
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    Spurs sign Tanguy Ndombele for £65m from Lyon

    I have a very good feeling about what this guy is going to do for us. Like MDMA-level good.
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    Nice memory of the Shelf

    It was pretty special on big nights. I didn't go to the UEFA Cup final but I was at two packed out midweek games against United and Everton the following season when we were going for the league. 48,000 officially and it was heaving. Incredible atmosphere. Lost both games obviously...