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  • Hi pete. just wanted some advice. Ive been training on and off, shit diet/good diet since I was 16 (im 23 now). I neglected my legs big time and only in the last year ive started squats and I know ha. Ive made alright gains so far but was wondering if its worth me going to a full body 5x5 compound program? Just to get the overall mass. Obviously the days of newbie gains are gone.
    I did read the original post.
    The points I made were not orrelevant TO ME (Otherwise I wouldn't have bloody well made them).
    I showed one post further down exactly how much of the OP I had understood and exactly why I consider my points to have been relevant, after another post made the same claim (without being so pathetic as to post a neg rep, just because someone doesn't share the same point of view as them).
    Perhaps you would like to post a comment, so I can be 'balanced' with you - or do you prefer to snipe from a hideout:shrug:
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