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    Player Watch: Harry Kane

    Yep, greatly inspired by him
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    The NFL Thread

    Gronkowski to Tampa Bay
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    Spurs V West Ham 8pm tonight

    Race for top 4 still on?
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    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    He took one corner and hit the Juve player distantly guarding the near post with not a single Inter player in the vicinity. I must admit I chuckled a bit. :)
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    Match Threads Burnley vs Spurs - Match Thread

    We're going full Newcastle
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    The Championship 2019/20

    What I actually meant to say was that from 9th to 24th there are 13 teams that were former PL sides since 05-06. Don't know what I was on about :facepalm:
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    The Championship 2019/20

    I only started watching PL footy in 05-06 but it's a bit interesting looking at the current Championship standings from mid table and lower as it's littered with former PL sides familiar to me since that year (13 of the last 16).
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Norwich - Match Thread (FA Cup)

    If he has a dissapointing game it'll be worse than 'he isn't ready'
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    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    Nah, you aren't
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Liverpool thread

    In their European campaign last season, at home, he only conceded two goals against PSG and then kept clean sheets against every other side they faced including the likes of Napoli, Bayern, Porto, Barca. Undoubtedly a key element to their success. To be honest I think he's been absolutely...
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Liverpool thread

    Wait what are we talking about here, Trent? :stop:
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    Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    Need more of that Argentinian mix of energy, intelligence, talent, guts next transfer window. Hope we're looking at Emile Goodday from Norwich and bring him in the summer. Class player
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    Rubbish football appreciation thread

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    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    Nope not buying that. I prefer to think Mourinho clearly has a grudge and is actively sabotaging his career
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    Premier League 2019–?

    Jesus would be a complete flop if he played for any other PL team than City