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    Premier League 2019/20

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    Team v Leipzig

    Lloris Tanganga - Toby - Sanchez - Davies Lo Celso -Winks - Ndombele Bergwijn - Son - Lamela
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Man City

    Hugo - 8 Tang - 8 Sanchez - 7 Toby - 8 Aurier - 7 Winks - 9 Lo celso - 9 Lucas - 6 Dele - 6 Son - 7 bergwijn - 7 Ndombele - 8 Lamela - 8 Dier - 6
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    Spurs lookalikes

    Brenton Thwaites & Harry Winks
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    Premier League 2019/20

    Bruno starts for manure. should be interesting.
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    Premier League 2019/20

    strange to see Ings off so early, didn't look like he had a knock. probably being saved for wednesday. I'm not looking forward to that match. this is a well drilled, hard working soton side.
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    Premier League 2019/20

    That's that then
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    Premier League 2019/20

    True. I'm just hoping that today's the day they get beaten. Soton up for it so far. Is there a better game to watch, seems a pretty drab afternoon.
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    Premier League 2019/20

    clear back pass from the Liverpool player to the goalkeeper in the 6 yard box. Referee completely bottled that decision.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Three Chairmen

    fyi Willian Jose is not playing today for Real S.
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    Bournemouth in talks with Tottenham to sign Rose

    I heard newaastle as a possibility, pinch of salt
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    Jose Mourinho has faith in Danny Rose despite Watford absence

    Rose was integral in our past success (top 4 & CL), is questionable in the present and totally redundant in the near future. A worrying article.
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    Edinson Cavani

    Reindeer piss?
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    Nelson Semedo

    Barca just sacked Valverde, so I imagine this has a bearing on their transfers