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  • I have added you as a friend. Very interesting that 'scouting' forum. Never been there before but enjoyed it.See you live in Canterbury,I too sort of live in Kent (Bromley).
    Thanks again for your reply.
    Oh goodness...just showing my lack of computer skills.
    I should say "I can assure you this is not a trick...."
    Thanks for replying.
    Unfortunately you seem to have neg repped me.
    You sent me a message that says " Neg repping for that. Come on."
    I can only assume that you thought my positive rep was neg rep as I don't post much it looks grey not green.
    I also NEVER neg rep.I don't post much and have had the problem before with green rep appears grey and gets mistaken for neg rep.This was sorted by one of the admins.
    I would be very grateful if you could give me pos rep the next time I post.This is how the admins solved this problem the last time this happened.
    If you agree to this I will post on the day I get your message.I can assure you this is not I can assure you,this is not a trick to get you to give me pos rep unfairly,only to negate the neg rep given to me when I didn't even post! The admins have told me to post more in order to change the pos rep colour greener but I've always liked to read the site not post. In fact,before the last incident,I had never posted ever. Thanks again for helping.
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