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  • Are you a Voyager fan Mrs K? Via my work, I think I got a pile of the Voyager books and videos (VHS) - don't know if it's the full run, but when I have time I will go through them (the vids are in a shed - not ideal, I know). Do you have them?
    I have a good lot of the episodes on sky, Voyager is excellent and yes I am a Voyager fan for my sins LOL
    You don't fancy yourself another Catherine Janeway, do you? :-O
    Is it poss to send a link to his pic so I can see and equally swoon or say no, he's not for you? :wink:
    Good news MrsK. :up: Hopefully he's got Man Flu and will be off for 2 weeks. I've only ever heard of a Vauxhall Viva, but good luck with yours next week! Have a nice weekend, and watch Tom Chambers on Strictly, and then post your thoughts in the thread. :wink:
    Well done on finishing your reports!! :clap: Good Luck going into Uni today, and hopefully you'll avoid you-know-who. :up:
    Stay strong hun, all the best. :wink:
    Are you okay btw?
    i'm doing my state exams....i passed the hardest and failed at the easiest..:(*boo*
    nice avatar. :clap:Do you have the photo in a bigger version perhaps?:wink:
    Well, he is retalliating like some teenager which is well wierd!! the lecturer is being a twat, today he revved his engine and I am like oh gawd! grow up and yesterday he parked in a cark park and appeared when I approached the car park. Wierd man and it will only get worse!!! no idea why he is behaving like a twat!
    Ooh, interesting. :think: Sounds like the plot from History Man, a novel from the 80s set in a Uni campus with a lecherous Lecturer! Thanks for sharing, and please keep me updated of any twists and turns of the plot. :wink:
    I've been busy with this scenario.....there is this dude who doesn't seem to want to go away and he is my lecturer. Seems to be testosterone driven about the time I am able to be pregnant, I'm just wondering where this came from as he hasn't done this before......I like Teddy
    Where ya been Mrs Keane?! Good to see you back, and ooh, who wants to get you pregnant?! (sorry to be nosey). :oops:
    Likin' your new avatar too! :grin:
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