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    Might be why I'm blocked from the thread.

    Might be why I'm blocked from the thread.
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    I didn't know I had!

    I didn't know I had!
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - DEADLINE DAY!

    25 quid donation made. well worth it for all the lurking I do here. another 25 quid if "pace, is comin" is referring to Kingsley Coman. Wishful thinking but what we need
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    DeAndre Yedlin - Sunderland

    Yedlin's starting today. In fairness he's been doing alright since he got a run in the squad.
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    Livermore loaned to Ipswich

    It'll only downgrade their skills if they stay there too long and using their skills under pressure is a key part of their developmental process. Besides, championship teams aren't all that shit. there's not so much of a difference between the bottom 6 premiership teams and top 6 championship...
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    [Update 63] yidio re:Begovic and Kaboul

    I'm sure he did have a say, that say being "pay what it takes to get them". I'm also sure he's gotten used to other chairman telling him no so when one doesn't he may assume the money's there, as with Abramovic. The wages were high but not in comparison to Chelsea wages. It all depends how much...
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    What Would You have Changed?

    I'd have chosen the same, maybe swapped Crouch for Pav just to cut down on the useless high balls into the box, but it wouldn't have changed anything. We lost because they all turned off after 40 mins. We were getting pinned back at first but we were generally containing them and starting to...
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    Adel Taraabt - QPR view

    It does sound like he has been improving gradually. If he can learn to play as a part of a team after a whole season with QPR, then we'll keep him and they'll have got something out of it. If not he'll end up elsewhere. Either way there's no point getting on his back.
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    Adel Taraabt - QPR view

    This quote from that forum puts a morepositve spin on things; It is true he does frequently hold on to the ball too long, try to over complicate things and (even after spotting the easy pass) fail to play in a team mate. On the plus side - he can hold onto the ball better than anyone else in...
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    Transfer Predictor: Tom Huddlestone

    a season long loan to wolves might work out for us. At least he'd get the regular 1st team experience in the premiership that he needs there and we could see how he develops. Even though he's improving, I can't see him doing that at spurs next season.
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    Is there anyone you want from the relegated teams?

    I'd definatelygo for Duff. He'd slot in nicely on the left wing, is acclimatised to the premier league and must knocking on for 30 now so we could reduce his matches season by season and blood some of the youth teamers there. I like martins too but I reckon he's off to everton (although I have...
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    VOTE Jenas: stay or go?

    I say stay although I don't see him still being around next season. If we play 442 as our standard formation, we either have to have him as DCM to modric at ACM, when there are more specialist players for this position or drop modric, which isn't going to happen, or rotate the centre mid for...
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    This REALLY shouldn't be happening!

    starting 4-5-1 with no pace in attack was baffling but swapping a slow and tiring pav made sense at the time and did produce more shots on goal. I know it's not a popular view, and one which gets harder with every passing game, but ramos needs to be given time to show if he can do with us...
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    Where is Dan Ashcroft when you need him?

    in fairness to Juande, he did preserve the core of the team that beat newcastle, I'm guessing to keep continuity and there is some logic in resting lennon and GDS. and keeping modric on the bench may have been a forced decision as we needed the pace up front. not that i'm sayingi agree with...
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    Juande Ramos - Yay or Nay?

    couldn't agree more. We need the continuity or it will be the death knell for the whole DOF structure. If Ramos can achieve something by xmas then he should be given the full season, if not, then someone else has to be brought in