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    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    Not sure if posted but the sun now saying we are going in with a 60 mil bid
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    19 yr old Barnet fan dies on way to game

    Was good friends with his brother at uni and can't say enough about him and what a nice guy he was and still is. Truly heartbreaking story and I urge all of us to come together to do our bit
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    Europa League *UEFA stream for draw on page 1*

    Anyone know how much tickets are usually for Europa away games as am thinking of making the trek
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    Milos Veljkovic

    Go to charlton quite a lot as ive round there and I would be surprised if he's a regular starter at either cb as they have Ben haim and bikey who despite popular belief are two very solid championship cb's and CDM they have a number of decent championship level players like buyens and cousins. I...
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    Summer Transfer Thread - Non Spurs Transfers + Rumours

    Without understating the obvious achievements of fergie all of these deals are his bar 1.Added to the pogba and pique releases it's quite obvious fergie took his eye off the ball from a player recruitment perspective. Got to feel slightly sorry for moyes and van gaal inheriting that average squad
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    Morgan Schneiderlin

    I wouldn't worry on Sunday night Caught offside had a big exclusive of khedira being unveiled on the pitch at the emirates on Monday.
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    Southampton Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    I thought Adebayor's comments after the game were very good as well. He's often labelled in the media as a heartless mercenary but his comments after the game did a good job in putting football into perspective
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    Southampton Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    What was so refreshing about today was everyone's appetite for work. I thought Sherwood was fantastic and should be credited as he has come in for a lot off stick this week some of it warranted some of it not. The bentaleb sub was a fantastic decision and swung the game in our favor again. I...
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    Gareth Bale (Rumour to Deal Done)

    can someone post that article on here won't let me go on it for some reason
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 26th July 2013

    Don't know if been put in here but effectively reiterating what has been said Coentrao. comment by look like modric (U7431) posted 3 hours, 45 minutes ago re: number eight we are after a hundred and one players buddy. So many some are true some are thrown about by the agents some are just...
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    Roberto Soldado

    try to be optimistic with all things spurs related but my word i'm worried now!
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    Christian Benteke

    Can really see this happening and I'd be delighted if it did. I rewatched the Belgium vs Netherlands game in a bid to check his movement and he is consistently involved in the buildup and while his first touch is erratic he is 22 and is leading the line for a top European nation. To score 21...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 27th June 2013

    god id love it to be a new bale contract
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    Paulinho signs for Spurs!

    god this wreaks of "its not you its me"
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Empty Edition 19th June 2013

    Brothers mate who has decent links and some inside knowledge as a journo told my bro that the Paulinho deal is a real goer. Make of it what you will and its just regurgitating info but the more sources the better i guess.