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  • Matty, it's Byron, how you doing? i'm just letting the mod's know something that someone told me today, hes very good friends with Mabbutt and Maxi Miller (were talking godparents to each others kids and stuff) Anyway they reckon that harry is looking at a 16 month stretch for his involement in the portsmouth stuff and The club has lined up Sparky as a replacement ( not sure if just for the 16 months, i suppose that depends how he does!) Anyway i don't want to post it coz i don't want to be a wind up plus it might rock the boat regarding transfers etc. so if you fellas could sit on it, and maybe post it if and when it emerges that would be great, cheers mate, Danny
    Small world ain't it, what with you being mates with my best mates dad? Spooky, see you in the bell and hare tomorrow night?
    Those Katy Perry pics were genuine!!! :twisted:

    Well, even if they weren't I enjoyed imagining they were... :shifty:
    thanks matty!! i will do. I'm always up for tickets, so just shout if you ever here of one going!! i'll give you a big old squeeze at the game!!
    matthew, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, for sorting the ticket with your mate! I gave georgie the money for the ticket on sat, and he will take the ticket with him to the stoke game. so thank you for helping me!! x x x
    undercrackers?? sexy!! i've some bought some nice new knick knicks actually but u 'aint seeing 'em ;-)
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