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    Player Watch: Gedson Fernandes

    I think he’s a really nice prospect. But not worth anywhere near his option-to-buy. Not even close.
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    Spurs Youth - 2019/20

    Maybe the comparative lack of pressure without fans in the stadium is great for these kids confidence? Gives the whole thing more of a training feeling. Would be great if some stathead were doing a statistcal analysis on young players´ performances post re-start
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    Spurs Youth - 2019/20

    You know nothing, IGSnow. Poch saw them all in training, you didn't.
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    Max Aarons

    Yeah but that low center of gravity is what makes him so hard to defend.
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    Spurs Youth - 2019/20

    I have a question regarding Rafferty Pedder. Was looking for an accurate ht/wt for him, and came across his Football Manager profiles. Last year he was listed there as 5´7/137lbs, in this years game he´s listed as 6´2/170. Is this true, a 7 inch growth spurt (Mrs Matecheck would love one of...
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    Race for The Top 10

    If you open a club (say, a golf club) and have a set of rules for, say, behaviour on the green and in the club house, and one of your members breaks those rules, you don't need some impartial body to judge and penalise the infraction(s). That member either abides by the rules, breaks the rules...
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    Race for The Top 10

    Anybody else looking forward to a lovely sunday afternoon with the wife and kids out, a nice a cuppa and a brand new Bluemoon account? Heaven.....
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    Race for The Top 10

    In theory, yes. Just like they decide that the league cup winner gets a Europa League spot. They could also give a CL spot to the fa Cup winner if they wanted to.
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    Scouting Thread

    In depth scouting report from on Sangare (spoiler alert: they love him):
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    Scouting Thread

    Solid decision by the Bellinghams if true. Just makes him more attractive as a prospect if he's not chasing the money.
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    Scouting Thread

    Personally, and for England's sake, I hope that Birmingham can hang on to him for 3-4 more years.
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    Player Watch Player Watch - Japhet Tanganga

    Lloris' cock up which led to Gündogan's much worse and funnier cock up in front of an open goal was all down to Tanganga's pace. Hugo just isn't used to having defenders who can out-pace the Sterling's of this world on a through ball, so he came storming out. He'll get used to it.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Manchester City - Match Thread

    Bet him and his 480k/w salary are very worried about that.