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  • You're very welcome, glad you had a good day :) A brand new striker would have been nice, although I got one on my Birthday he wasn't quite what I had in mind :razz:

    I did indeed get my ipod :grin: got a ipod shuffle in pink of course :wink: I've had it on loads since, finding it a great way to make the housework less boring, I can now dance and dust at the same time :lol:
    Thank you Markie :bigsmile: Another year older though not sure about the wiser part :lol: Not getting my presents until night so don't know yet what I have got. And yeah London went well, I had a good time once the stress was over :)
    Yeah Orlando is some place alright, the swiming with Dolphins was definitely the highlight though. Would I be right in thinking you aren't a fan of London? :lol: I have to go for a check-up but once I get that out of the way I can relax and enjoy myself :)
    And thank you, I hope you get lots of nice presents as well :grin:
    Well I have to go to London on the 15th so I might stay overnight and have a nice meal or something and do a little bit of shopping :wink: I've asked for a new ipod but whether I get it or not is another matter :lol: I was in Orlando last year during my birthday, the pic you see of me kissing the dolphin was taken on the 18th :)
    Nothing special for me, i'll be 32 so just a normal birthday. Like you i'm not really looking forward to it, but saying that i'll probably enjoy the day.

    As for anything nice, i'll probably end up with the new Spurs shirt, which is a traditional Birthday present from my sister :grin: (although i'll have to wait till September untill it's released :evil:)

    How's about you, you doing or getting anything nice for your birthday?
    Mine is on the 18th....not really looking forward to it....getting on abit :-( Is this a special birthday for you or just a normal one? Have you asked for anything nice? :) Tbh I'd be happy enough with 1 striker nevermind 2 :lol:
    So what dates your birthday? :) must be pretty close to mine? was going to ask this in the thread but didn't want to get told off :razz:
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