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    Player Watch Pierre-Emile Højbjerg - Player Watch

    Watching all of the materials that the club is putting out with him and I am incredibly impressed with him as a person and proud he will be representing the club. He will quickly become a fan favorite if his strengths at Southampton and his talents at Bayern that made Pep such a fan show...
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    Player Watch: Erik Lamela

    agree re: the keepers but his contract situation means we won't get very much for him next year with 1 year left on his contract. this is the peak time to sell him.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - Medical Monday 10th August

    Two right backs would be very excited. New right back with Tanganga as cover across four defensive positions also exciting.
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    Max Aarons

    yes - absolutely and my apologies if I didnt make it very clear in my post. Tried to by saying he doesnt have confirmation, he thinks, etc. Didnt try to pass it as fact.
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    Player Watch: Erik Lamela

    Agree with you. 30m now vs. 2014 though - its funny to evaluate, isnt it? If we spent 30m on him 2 or 3 years ago, its become a fairly average fee given his age and record. He has not lived up to the expectations.
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    Max Aarons

    Ally said he doesn’t have confirmation of it but based on what he’s hearing, he thinks Aarons is priority at RB with homegrown quota playing a role also.
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    Arkadiusz Milik

    Juventus going through coaching changes - creates an opening for us with Milik and seems he may be the top choice for José. The Callum Wilson option has opportunistic signing all over him rather than pre determined option
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    Player Watch Pierre-Emile Højbjerg - Player Watch

    This deal needs to be announced ASAP so this thread doesn’t spiral even more 😁
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    Zeki Çelik

    Sure would like to see some movement on this over the next week or two. Would get some outgoings started also.
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    Zeki Çelik

    wherever the Matt Law article is - Telegraph? My mistake! Thanks in advance.
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    Zeki Çelik

    Can someone post the Matt Law guardian article about Celik? Paywall 🤦‍♂️.
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    Said Benrahma

    looks like the offensive winger that Lamela was supposed to be when we signed him..
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    Oliver Skipp

    I see a lot of similarities between Scott Parker and Oliver Skipp - would love for Skipp to get some Premiership experience while learning from Parker for a year.
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    Callum Wilson

    I'm curious what the other options are. If we have 4 or 5 very similar options and Jose believes that Wilson is the best of the bunch, then we'll have to trust in it. I struggle to believe there are some higher ceiling, young players that we are considering and arriving at Wilson. At the same...