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    Player Watch Player watch: Son Heung-min

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    Player Watch Player Watch: Erik Lamela

    Ok so he made one error against Brighton which led to a goal. Can you provide the other examples of his lack of effort to substantiate your point or is your judgement based on this one example over the last five years?
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    Levy's clever call on stadium naming rights

    Essentially the club has to create a two or three seat divide between home and away support so we end up losing a couple of hundred in capacity. Same problem doesn't occur in Rugby or A.Football because their fans just sit wherever
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    Spurs Youth - 2019/20

    I had to edit my original post but this touches on my point. It looks to me that players at the top, and even second tier of European clubs, are not usually making that break-through until around 23 anyway and I suspect that if we're looking at our Academy we don't have anyone who is close to...
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    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    Yes we've been not very good for about 9 months or so (of which 3 months was a summer break) and clearly we haven't addressed the root cause of the problem yet but after supporting Spurs since the start of the 90s there's a lot of perspective i'm applying to this period
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    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    Do you mean "very long time" like over a 20 year period like the 90s and 00s?
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    Spurs Youth - 2019/20

    I've been wondering about this for some time and I'm interested to know what the consensus is on this. At what age do people expect a youth prospect to have made their breakthrough? I don't mean debut match, or going out on loan, i mean genuinely and regularly getting minutes in the first team...
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    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    I really hope that someone is making a log of all these negative, Poch out statements and conclusions that he can't save us and our season is done when we end up finishing 3rd or 4th and end up reaching the semi final of the FA Cup and everyone says how good a season it was considering the...
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    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    So his form hasnt been affected by the transfer rumours? What has it been affected by in that case?
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    Player Watch: Serge Aurier

    im not criticising, purely making an observation
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    Player Watch: Serge Aurier

    i agree in principle but he has actually disabled comments so its not like he's putting himself in the firing line
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    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    I see you watched MOTD
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    Match Threads Brighton & Hove Albion vs Spurs - Match Thread

    I would be hugely surprised and I would be very annoyed. When Toby joined us he was not even the best centre back at Southampton and came off a season playing back up at Ath. Madrid. Eriksen had spent season after season waiting to be picked up by European elite and they all said the same thing...