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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Well it's better than reading about dominic fucking cummings.
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    Newcastle buyout

    If you were to boycott companies that the saudi's own shares in, you would have to boycott nearly every multinational company.
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    Newcastle buyout

    Context might help?
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    How they going to get it under the stands? Seems they might dig tunnels through the foundations each side. But that seems a lot of effort to get it right without compromising the structure.
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    I know there were other threads, flicked through and couldn't find one (probably because i'm lazy). But thoughts?
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    Best British Manager

    Nah fergie has got it. Look what he did with aberdeen aswell.
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    Newcastle buyout

    I remember him saying you have to spend smart.
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    Newcastle buyout

    It would be if saudi hadn't just sold off the oil company for $1.2trn.
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    Liverpudlians not all Scousers

    Fuck football, stay for the other threads, we have rate the last movie you watched and the coroavirus threads. Fun for the whole family.
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    Research on Sexuality in Football

    Why in this day and age do we care who people have sex with if they are consenting adults?
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    The Naming Rights Thread

    Clubs owned by the members, but still.
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    The Naming Rights Thread

    For one year lol. Didn't they put unicef on their shirt just for one year to butter up the fans before getting a sponsor?
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    Newcastle buyout

    That's all we need another mega club. I give up.
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    Premier League wage stand-off showing the very worst of football as angry players stand defiant against owners

    And you didn't read my post or the article, what they are asking for is a deferral. So it wont be a pay cut at all. That is the plan they want.