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  • No, it was meant to be read as
    Ideal scenario -
    GK, 1st choice CM (Moutinho) & 1st choice CF (Llorente)
    This would be great.

    backup plan of -
    GK, 1st choice CM (Moutinho) & 2nd choice CF (Remy) versus
    GK, 2nd choice CM (M'vila) & 1st choice CF (Llorente)
    These would be good.

    or -
    GK, either 1st or 2nd choice CM & no striker at all
    This would be bad in my opinion...
    sorry yea, I deleted my message because I thought it had no relevance to the thread and I didn't want to be responsible for taking it off topic
    Haha, yeah, I didnt have the same strength of character!
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