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    Roberto Soldado: part 2

    I wouldn't read too much into the posters of him on the website, and even if he trains on Saturday I would still say he will be our player. AVB's comments are from the manager's handbook of how to respond to transfer speculation aren't they? It just goes to show that the ITK's are on track...
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    The Race For 4th 3.0

    Ok thanks. Confused then if Arsenal finish 4th, if I want Chelsea to win the CL or not!
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    The Race For 4th 3.0

    Sorry if this has been answered before, but if we finish 3rd and Chelsea finish 4th or below, do we still have to qualify? I assume that the holders would go automatically into the group stage, thanks
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    Stiliyan Petrov diagnosed with acute leukaemia

    Breaking news on BBC website, no link as of yet. Hope he recovers asap! Not been a great few weeks regarding players health in Europe There's a BBC link to the story
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    Some interesting stats(and my opinion on them)

    Very good and interesting post. The Norwich game, we played very well, but they played 2 up front who were non existent, that's why we had so much of the play, hence we could be as patient as we wanted. Holt and Morrison haven't played that badly at all this season, that game, they were awful...
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    Redknapp on Our Corner taking

    I can recall... Kaboul vs. City, Bale vs. Wigan, Bale vs. Bolton, Adebayor vs. Villa (not directly, but I bet they're using that as a goal from a corner). I just don't get why we're so bad, it's a not a lack of height. VDV's set pieces have been dire recently, last year, he would put in a great...
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    Fan at the game tonight...

    I was literally 3 rows in front... Saw alot of people behind and medics talking, and the way they were talking, you could tell it was bad news... Such horrible news, I didn't want to gaze over too much for obvious reasons and everyone around felt the same, so hard to concentrate on football...
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    I'm sure we beat Bolton in the League Cup around the same time that the late great Sir Bill passed away, IIRC, it happened on the same day? Not sure if it was at the Reebok though. Ever since I've been a hardcore Spurs fan (since I was around 13, which was 8 years ago), Utd has been 'that' game...
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    Newcastle Vs Tottenham: Match thread

    At 2-1 I'm sorry, the game should have been won with a 3rd and killer goal. Poor decision making in the final third at that point.... Maybe tired legs, who knows. We can play very well in the middle of the park, in tight areas and emerge with the ball, running at their defence. Just the runs and...
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    Scott Parker

    Seriously can't see anything but a loan deal for Parker, which I think will happen eventually
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    I haven't seen too much of Ajax this year, but in this game, he was getting absolutely ripped apart by Aiden McGeady for 45 minutes, until he got subbed off.... That is only 45 minutes though/on an artifical pitch. Alex looks a very good player though for Spartak, great goal from a free...
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    Blackburn Rovers Vs Tottenham Hotspur: Match Thread

    Redknapp was throwing stacks of cash titled 'Striker budget' at the players to avoid, hence about 700 injuries
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 19 August 2010

    We need 2 strikers, we need a top class poacher and a top class hold up player, I was always of the belief that we only needed a hold up striker (Dzeko, which doesn't look likely) but we need both, who makes way for these players is anyone's guess. On POTL's ITK, Gallas is a very good signing...
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    The pitch and prep

    Their 3rd goal was outrageous, no way in a million years could you hit the ball like that on a normal grass pitch and it just slide through to their striker... Any slower and Bassong intercepts