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    Premier League 2019–?

    Apparently it was arteta's job to know such stuff, guessing
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    Europa League 2018/19 Final Chelsea v Arsenal

    Can't believe there are people who are watching EL tonight instead of rewatching the 2nd half from last night...
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    Player of the first half season

    Alderweireld. would he has been sold in august (back then I was like 99.99999% sure that there was no chance of him playing for us again) we could be 8-9 points shorter now. the arsenal game when toby was left on a bench is a sad reminder of how lucky we are that he is still around.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 19th May 2015

    It's not the oficial website. Just a rumorbox.
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    Yehven Konoplyanka

    Kono is not happy with finacial side of the contract. And aparently he does not rate Serie A at all
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    Yehven Konoplyanka

    On Dnipro forums there are talks about 10-15 million fee. Bizzard. Meanwhile Yehven's dad talking to ukranian press: "Italian journalists write about the move to Rome like a done deal, but in reality Yehven is still working with Dnipro. Roma has made an offer, we are studying the contract"
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    Yehven Konoplyanka

    Since the topic has been rised, a bit of clearification: Sergey Rebrov - an ukranian from the east part of Ukraine (the place where putin is bullying around right now), gives interview mostly on russian, has a russian lastname. Roman Pavluchenko - a russian from the south part of Russia, has...