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    South Korean team uses sex dolls to fill stands

    I'm sure @Houdini and @bomberH can assist Spurs if they want to try something similar.
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    Bundesliga 19/20

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    Bundesliga 19/20

    Prefer Frankfurt in that case!
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    Bundesliga 19/20

    Wolfsburg. #WoutWeghorst
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    'Celebrity Fans'

    Yeah it's a shame..
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    Spurs Youth - 2019/20

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    The Transfer Wishlist Thread

    He has had connections to Mourinho when he was at Utd though.
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    Newcastle buyout

    Well, you answered it yourself.
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    Newcastle buyout

    Well yeah, but fuck the fans' opinions. Being a "selling club" is one thing, that probably affects how other club view us in negotiations etc but giving chances to talented youngsters that we have scouted and believe in is another thing, imo ofc.
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    Mauricio Pochettino keen to manage Tottenham again one day

    Just need to go fight some big Asian dudes.
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    Newcastle buyout

    I agree to an extent. But their scouting isn't only about signing cheap players to make a profit. They also sign players that suit the clubs and systems perfectly. As I said, the scouting itself is crazy good. The reason why clubs like Dortmund work while they sell of their big players is that...
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    Newcastle buyout

    We need to look at the Red bull setup. They are obviously using their minor affiliates to feed Leipzig, but their scouting is crazy good. Liverpool have also had a really big income from their enormous fan base despite having a very average decade.