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    Team v Leicester (H)

    Lloris Aurier Davidson Toby Davies Sissoko Winks Sonny Lo Celso Moura Kane Subs: Gazza Vertongen Tanganga Sessegnon Gedson Bergwijn Lamela COYS!!!!
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    Spurs v Arsenal - team news

    it's a 4-2-3-1 then & hopefully Lo Celso of fit for this match-he's listed at 75 percent on --------Lloris--------- Aurier Toby Jan Davies Sissoko Winks Lucas Lo Celso Sonny Kane Subs: Gazza Davinson Gedson NDombele Lamela Bergwijn Skipp Sessegnon Roles...
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    Spurs v Everton - team news

    Time for 3-4-3? Lloris Davidson Toby Jan Gedson Lo Celso Winks Sessegnon Bergwijn Kane Sonny subs- Gazzaniga Sissoko Davies Lamela Lucas Skipp NDombele Aurier Cirkin COYS!!
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    Spurs v West Ham - team news

    ------ Lloris------ Aurier Dier Toby Davies -- Sissoko Winks-- Bergwijn Dele Sonny ------ Kane------ subs: Gazza Davinson Vertongen Sessegnon NDombele Lamela Lucas Skipp Gedson COYS!!
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    Team news for Man Utd Home (PL)

    4-2-3-1 ------Lloris----- Aurier Toby Jan Davies Sissoko Winks Sonny Lamela Bergwijn Kane Subs: Gazza Davidson Skipp NDombele Lo Celso Gedson Lucas COYS!!!!!!
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    Spurs Amazon documentary release date: ‘All or Nothing’ to air this summer

    This season ended the same as the last 13 seasons!
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    Team vs Manchester United

    Spurs have 4 days rest before this fixture, Utd have two. All this losing is getting on my tit & It's time for a win! -----------Lloris---------- Japhet Toby Jan Aurier Dier Winks Sessegnon Lo Celso Moura Dele subs: Gazza Sanchez (if fit) Gedson Skipp NDombele Lamela Parrot...
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    Team vs Norwich

    ----------Gazza---------- Tanganga Toby Davinson Davies Skipp Winks Lo Celso Dele Bergwijn Moura subs: Vorm Aurier Vertongen Lamela NDombele Parrot Gedson COYS!!!!!
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    Spurs v Norwich (FA Cup) - team news

    ---------Gazza------------- Tanganga Toby Jan Davies ----Gedson Winks-------- Lo Celso Dele Sessegnon ------- Lucas ------------ Subs: Vorm Sanchez Dier Lamela Skipp Bergwijn Parrot COYS!!!!!!!
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    Team v Wolves (h)

    ----------Lloris---------- Aurier Toby Davinson Davies -----Winks NDombele------- Lo Celso Dele Bergwijn Lucas subs: Gazza Tanganga Dier Skipp Lamela Gedson Sessegnon COYS!!!!!!
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    Team v Leipzig

    ------------ Lorris ------------- Tanganga Toby Davinson Davies Lo Celso Winks NDombele Lamela Son Dele subs: Gazza Vertongen Aurier Gedson Bergwijn Lucas Skipp COYS!!!!!
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    Team vs Southampton - FA Cup Replay

    -------------Gazza-------------- Tanganga Sanchez Vertongen Sessegnon Dier Fernandes NDombele Lamela Lucas Sonny subs: Lloris Toby Davinson Skipp Winks Parrott Lo Celso COYS!!!!!!
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    The quiet rebuild Spurs started without anyone noticing

    Good article. Sad to see Eriksen & now Rose go, but it was time for them to move on. Fingers crossed Spurs don't end up having to flog off their most valuable asset- Harry Kane- to help balance the books once the 'quiet revolution' is complete.
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    Team v Man City (h)

    ---------Lloris--------- Serge Davinson Toby Jan Winks NDombele Lo Celso Dele Sonny Lucas subs: Gazza Sessegnon Tanganga Dier Lamela Gedson Foyth COYS!!!!!!!
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    Spurs v Norwich - team news

    -------------Gazza------------- ---Aurier Tanganga Toby Jan ----- ----- Dier NDombele------ ----Lo Celso Dele Sonny------- ----------Lucas------------ subs: Whitman Sessegnon Winks Lamela Sanchez Gedson Skipp COYS!!!