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    Jose Mourinho understands Tottenham’s transfer situation and insists he has squad nucleus for next five years

    My feeling is that Pochettino was an appointment in line with the philosophy, whereas Mourinho is a reactionary appointment. Much like how Mourinho's appointment at Man Utd felt like a response to Man City appointing Guardiola. The thinking being that Guardiola has won lots, but so has Mourinho...
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    Bale still a Spurs fan

    Bale is a big tease. Would love for him to come back, however, I believe its a fool's hope. A massive part of me is hoping Zidane's loathing could be the catalyst for a scenario, not too dissimilar to the transfer that took Fernando Torres to AC Milan on a two-year 'loan' deal...
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    Spurs fans call on club to copy Liverpool U-turn on taxpayer support

    I look at the example the Atletico Madrid organisation set when they took a 70% wage cut to allow the non-playing staff members to continue receiving their full wages:
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    Spurs plan to sell Eric Dier if he fails to pen new contract

    Dier had been so promising in the beginning, but I have always felt he was prone to lapses in concentration that proved costly, particularly when deputising at centre-back. I think a move might well do him good, even if its just a loan where he gets regular game time. Something has got to give...
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    Mourinho berates defensive mistakes at Norwich

    Agreed we need more defensive players in the next window, if possible. Vertonghen should have been caught on camera praying to the VAR gods when Pukki's goal was ruled out; his positioning & desire to get back were a disgrace. Foyth, in my opinion, recovered himself to a degree after his error...
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    Spurs focusing on quick breaks under Mourinho

    Yesterday was a shambles. The red card killed any comeback, but the previous 60mins were atrocious. * The double-pivot partnering were all about power & no technical ability. Dier was especially poor. Neither player, however, possess the techincal ability to be able to allow us to build...
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    Spurs players hiding behind Pochettino's loyalty and letting him down

    I recall watching Guardiola in the Amazon docu-series tell his players that he'll always defend them in the media, but he'll be quite blunt & critical in private. I hope this is the case at the training ground, but after yesterday's team & formation selection, that hope is rapidly disappearing...
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    Players blame intensity of training schedule for poor Premier League start

    Not entirely sure how you can blame the intensity of the sessions when you're paid to be razor sharp? Seems contradictory to me considering the press conferences are generally postive. Training has to be sharp & intense, even more intense than the games, so that when it comes to match day the...
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    Stats show Walker-Peters is ready to take over from shambolic Aurier

    Shocked he's not been used more already. Amazed when Aurier & Foyth were missing that he had to watch Davinson fill in at RB, twice. Surely, Aurier's last 2 x performances show he's not the long term answer. KWP has done a good job when he's been involved. I understand he will make mistakes...
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    Eriksen set to reject attempts to sell him in January for £30m as he looks to leave for free

    Should he leave he want to leave on a free thats down to him, but surely a club could be persuaded, or encouraged to pay a rather nominal fee for him to leave sooner rather than later. I agree that I would shove him in the reserves, as well as Wanyama. Both have been poor. Concerted efforts...
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    Pochettino sends stern message to stars ahead of tricky Leicester clash

    Every time I am unable to watch a game I feel the urge to look for reports describing whether we're playing well or not? Whether we're exciting, dangerous, or ponderous & sedentary? Its sad to say, but it feels like we've got worse. I no longer enjoy watching us play & it feels a world away from...
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    The problem with Danny Rose and Spurs' familiar defensive mistake

    Infuriating in the build-up to their 1st goal; instead of mullering the ball down the left-wing allowing us to regroup following penalty appeals, he dithers & tries to be clever. Culpable here, Newcastle & Villa. Hopefully Davies & Sessegnon can get fit & put themselves in the reckoning.
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    Pochettino concerned at lack of plan B

    Marcelo Bielsa once said said, "I only believe in Plan A. Plan B is to get Plan A to work." We don't look good & its looking rather devoid of dynamism and inspiration. I recall our 4-0 home victory versus WBA on 14th January 2017 & remember almost welling up with pride because this resembled...
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    Can Lo Celso transform Spurs into genuine title contenders?

    It all went to pot once they said the gaffer favours a 1-4-2-3-1 formation when the diamond was the formation Pochettino tried to shoehorn our players in to for most of last season. The hopeful double-pivot of Winks & Ndombele with a no.10 stationed in front in the shape of GLC would be ideal...
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    Spurs closing in on deal to sign Sessegnon, 2 may go the other way

    Wonderful news, if this could happen. I'm hopeful that the Janssen deal reported last week is also real & that happens.