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    Match Threads Spurs vs Palace - Match Thread

    Been hibernating recently, so apols in advance. Where are GLC and sessegnon?
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Aston Villa

    Lloris 6 Kwp 7 Toby 7 Sanchez 5 Rose 6 Winks 7 Sissoko 6 Ndombele 7 Lamela 6 Moura 5 Kane 8 Eriksen 8
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Villa - Match Thread

    Sanchez worries the fuck out of me
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    Team v. Villa

    Yes of course. Roles on the bench then
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    Team v. Villa

    Lloris Kwp Toby Sanchez Verts Ndombele Winks Sissoko Moura Kane Lamela Gazza, tanganga, rose, skipp, white, dele, parrott Assuming davies, aurier, wanyama, dier, eriksen, sessegnon,lo celso unavailable, and foyth/son suspended
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    5 Bold predictions for the 19/20 season

    Dele's last season with the club, will not be a regular come season's end. Toby to sign new deal Skipp to get 25 plus games all comps despite increased competition in midfield Kane will not get more than 20 goals Parrott will see at least 1000 first team minutes
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    William Saliba signs for Arsenal

    Not on the level of henry, petit, vieira etc
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    William Saliba signs for Arsenal

    None of this will mean anything if he still wants the goons. They do have a particularly strong appeal to French players
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    Dani Ceballos signs for Arsenal

    Think this lad is overrated, would rather GLC and ndombele. Would rather andre gomes come to think if it.
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    PL fixtures 19/20

    Watford at home
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Liverpool

    Lloris 6 Trippier 5 Toby 7 Jan 7 Rose 8 Sissoko 6 Winks 7 Eriksen 5 Alli 4 Son 5 Kane 6 - much better 2nd half, very quiet 1st half
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    CL Final where will you be watching it

    I'm about to set off now, I'll be taking it steadyish as I'm not quite as alcoholproof as i was 10 years ago. Hope to see you there
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 16th May 2019

    As long as they remember to pass the ball to each other
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    CL Final where will you be watching it

    See you there, gonna get there myself about 1.30
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    CL Final where will you be watching it

    Anyone thinking of watching it in the beehive, I'm there right now. The guvnor says they've taken 100 calls today and their advice is be there early. Capacity 600 @Gareth88 @SpringHeeledJim @Yorkville Spur