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    Keith Burkinshaw legend

    Best Tottenham manager in my lifetime by a mile , His spurs side played some outstanding attacking football and it created an amazing atmosphere at the lane , still remember watching Hoddle hit a 35 yard screamer in the top corner in the milk cup vs Fulham at my first ever game as a 6 year old...
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    Hoddle - A touch of genius (Sky)

    I finally got round to watching this last night , Hoddle is an absolute legend and watching him brought back so many memories of my childhood , there is no question in my mind that he was the greatest player to ever play for us , an absolute genius that in this day and age would be up there with...
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    Players at FT

    Dawson was a fantastic captain and genuinely loved the club, He always stayed behind and clapped the fans as did some of our previous players , wish the new lot cared half as much as Daws did.
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    Franco Baldini has joined the Club

    Lets hope he can work his magic in the transfer market and get in the players we desperately need to take us to the next level.
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    Which Spurs Striker Would You Choose?

    Klinsmann for me , Im not old enough to of seen Greaves play live but Jurgen was truly a world class player, he would of scored about 40 goals a season playing in this side unlike the poor one he played in.
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    This shite this tit talks gets worse everytime he opens his mouth

    The best thing people can do is turn off talksport between 4 and 7pm , he is worse than alan parry was , he has no football knowledge whatsoever and talks utter garbage just so people can bite, ignore him and hopefully he will go away.
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    Manu wants to leave - Spurs source quoted in The Sun

    this article is utter garbage with no verified quotes , probably written by a deluded gooner journo still bitter that Ade left the scum for a bigger club (city not us lol) the press have been so harsh on spurs since AVB replaced harry , they are trying to get us fans to turn first on our...
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    Rafael van der Vaart done

    so gutted we have lost a truly great player , family comes first and unfortunately for us spurs family comes second , i wish him the best of luck , he really did hate arsenal as much as we do and for that he will be remembered as a legend
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    Jan Vertonghen Signs

    Great signing , our squad is already looking much stronger than last year and hopefully with the addition of 2 quality strikers we can have a proper challenge on the top 3
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - READ FIRST POST 4th July

    the next few weeks is going to be very exciting for us , really hope we wrap up deals for verts and ade asap , both will be great additions to our team
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    Goodbye VDV?

    vdv loves spurs and is a true world class player , surely he will be one of the first names on the team sheet would be so gutted if we sold him , for me he has been the best player we have had since ginola he is a proper spurs player
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - NEW MANAGER DAY 3rd July 2012

    im pretty sure jose will sort out a few quality players for his old mate AVB as part of the modric deal forget anything thats said on talksport , its a joke of a station nowdays , full of chelsea scumbags that will always be anti spurs.
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    Question about tickets (FA Cup)

    i was thinking the same thing , lets just hope we win and get to do this all over again in a few weeks :grin:
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    Question about tickets (FA Cup)

    anyone who gets cut off online after entering all your details just email the ticket office and they will confirm whether your tickets were processed or not wish i did that 2 hours earlier because the mailed me back just as i got back into my account to see that my tickets did go through at...
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    Question about tickets (FA Cup)

    finally log in again after it previously crashed only to find that everything went through the first time and i didnt receive the confirmation email the 1st time round !!! just wasted 3 hours of my life when i didnt have to oh well at least i got them , COYS