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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Sheffield United

    sanchez showed what we hoped he'd be. everyone else was crap. and i mean crap.
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    Race for The Top 4

    our only shot at CL next season is winning it this season.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Sheffield United - Match Thread

    we are dog shit at the moment. poch has about 2 weeks to turn it around before the season becomes a write off.
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    The MLB Thread

    you're nuts. he was inside the foul line. you have to be in the lane between the foul line and the three foot line. read the rule and watch the replay. whether he interfered with the call is judgement but he wasnt in the lane. Nats fans have been whining like sissies about everything.
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    I find it hard to criticize someone for telling Arsenal fans to fuck off.
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    US College Football thread

    not to rain on your parade and Im sure you know this but Notre Dame is NEVER as good as the media makes out
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    The MLB Thread

    fuck yeah, Astros back in it.
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    The MLB Thread

    Dodgers out and Astros forced to a fifth game.
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    Player Watch Player Watch...Dele Alli

    I thought he looked close to his old self in the first half against Bayern. A goal would do his confidence a world of good.
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    Player Watch: Hugo Lloris

    it was a doozy but the way we're playing its hard to say we would have gone on to win that match had we not conceded so early.
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    Player Watch: Hugo Lloris

    the elbow is inherently more stable than the shoulder. check your range of motion at both for a moment to see. he'll probably be ok.
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    US College Football thread

    Big 12 refs in general. the inconsistency in college FB kills me - especially with personal fouls.
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    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    I hope he gets the clap. ;)
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    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    this is the real nightmare scenario. Finishing 8th and crashing out of the group stage of the CL is just one season.
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    Player Watch: Hugo Lloris

    Web MD says: Prevention: Dont fall on an outstretched arm.