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  • Cheers for the rep and kind words buddy, always good to know that people appreciate my brand of intolerance and abnoxiousness! ;-)
    It wouldn't surprise me if someone on here does before the day is out old bean. ;-)
    Morning Captain. We knew this day would one day come. It's time to reconvene The Keith Squad.

    It appears someone, a man loved by millions, is missing - presumed "disappeared".

    The following has been posted in the Youth Team Journeymen thread in Spurs Chat:

    Steve Slade - I think he briefly went to QPR then disappeared

    You know what to do. Get the moped, tie down your hamsters and I'll see you at oh-twelve hundred o'clocks. It's time to find a Slade (and I don't mean a 70s band specialising in shit Christmas songs - although that's as good a place to start as any).

    Godspeed, sir.
    I have a great story for you frog-man. Doing Panini cards with my kid (he's 7) and when he got Iaquinta, I told him how we call him Dave. Didn't think he understood me at all. A week later, we get Sokratis Papastathopouloa from Greece. My son goes "they should call him Dave". Your brilliance is now part of a new generation :up:
    Oh of course not, but I figured half the fun was that no one knows who RayShady was, and its a non lame spammy way of posting about having 9,999 posts.
    I would have repped your rather AWESOME ahem birthday greeting, but I gotta spread the love first. :up:
    You swine. ;-)

    Liking that you've used the kermit pic on here though. :-D
    Spiderman 2 was pretty decent - although Batman Arkham Asylum pwned hard all over it! ;-)
    So I remember having a discussion a while back I'm sure with you about the fact that Batman could easily kick Spider-man's ass.

    I'm pretty sure you thought Spider-man was 'arder but I notice Gotham City is down as your location... ;-)
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    Defo more skin, and a video of you Robot Dancing next year!! :grin:
    I can give you marks out of 10, as I'm a Dancing expert! :razz:
    Sending a note to ChRiStOpHe to include a dancing video themed round! Oooh, can't wait! :hump: :lol:
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