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    Man City [Now Not] Banned From UCL For 2 years

    Football is corrupt. final confirmation with the news today.
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    Wondering how many millions of £££s Levy will be taking from the club for his bonus this season
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    Player Watch: Harry Kane

    All I will say, what I am feeling tonight, for a “traditional“ centre forward....he has stopped making centre backs uncomfortable many possible explanations why it has come to this. but someone needs to break the rut, every game looks like a pre season gentle run around
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    Match Threads Bournemouth vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Like watching Brazil ’82 compared to this lot
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Bournemouth

    Hugo - still a class keeper Aurier - Christ on a bike. Our whole attack is based on getting him into crossing positions. And we thought kyle Walker couldn’t cross a ball Toby - Jan - the Belgium lads solid Davies - looking more and more championship journeyman with every game Sissoko - sigh...
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    Match Threads Bournemouth vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Omfg it’s torture. Horrible, horrible football. Sure I’ve seen worse Spurs teams over the years, but I have never one so godwful boring to watch
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    If we miraculously got to 5th and UCL qualification the briefings from the Levy office would be we don't need to spend, the existing squad is already good enough for top 4, don't expect any big transfer deals. If we miss out on UCL a briefing will go out from the Levy office saying, not in...
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    Match Threads Sheffield United vs Spurs - Match Thread

    We have become turgid, dull...a pointless waste of space with no character or identity our attacking play is laughable. Slowly, meander our way forwards, discover a well drilled defence all in position and waiting for us. They’ve had plenty of time to get in position. Some sideways passing...
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    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    well that's got me fired up and excited for the re-start of the season :ROFLMAO::X3:
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    Have you missed football?

    Have zero interest in this season. Written off. No interest in any attempts to finish it. So don't miss it at the moment. Have adjusted. I would like forward to a new, proper, season starting. Although that seems impossible for even in September.
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    ENIC, Tavistock, Lewis himself
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    Even wetherspoons do corporate social responsibility projects Corporates and bankers are beyond criticism as long as they sponsor a few community projects? Mind you we are FC Wetherspoons these days
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    Look at the comments under every social media post put up by THFC. This could be a permanent change in the image of our club. And you know what totally deserved. Our offshore-"tax efficient"-investment opportunities-owners haven't got a clue about civic responsibility in a crisis. They are a...
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    take a step back and listen to yourself. Making these pronouncements on the simple needs of the lower orders. You sound like some Victorian mill owner.
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    You are asking “if” a 20% pay cut will have an impact on the the lowest paid employees. Sigh, really?