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    Race for The Top 10

    Just as well the season didn't end and the final table decided on the points per game basis!
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    Race for The Top 10

    This is the fear indeed. Really need Liverpool to actually show up on Weds and force CFC into fighting for their top4 place on Sunday.
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    Race for The Top 10

    Yeh...pretty galling we are almost entirely reliant now on CFC to secure EL football. Really need Liverpool to win there on Weds (and Utd to beat West Ham) to ensure they have to play to win against Wolves.
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    Man City [Now Not] Banned From UCL For 2 years

    Punishment akin to a man having death penalty sentence commuted to writing lines.
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    Man City [Now Not] Banned From UCL For 2 years

    Be lovely if CFC somehow miss out! Imagine all their shiny new players in Europa...
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    Race for The Top 10

    Love the optimism, but shocked if LCFC and Utd don't pick up the 4pts (from 4 games) and 8pts (from 5 games) respectively, that will be required to finish above us - even in the (very unlikely) scenario, we win our remaining matches. That is also ignoring the fact we are 3 pts behind Wolves...
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    Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    Bruno is a wonderful player and fits that Utd team perfectly - particularly with Pogba (world-class). He has the license and freedom to create in the final third with a very settled team behind him. Gio has been filling in various positions because, frankly, he is an absolutely incredible...
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    Race for The Top 10

    We are unlikely to finish top 4/5 but it is interesting to see how LCFC have been being sucked back into the race - CFC, Utd & Wolves are really closing in on them. Their last two fixtures are against us and Utd...lose both and they could well end outside a CL spot.
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    UEFA meets National Associations for update

    Apparently, UEFA are looking at a proposal to admit clubs to the CL and EL on a co-efficient ranking basis. This, if accepted, would determine, Liverpool, City, Utd and Arsenal (ahem) as the CL sides - Spurs would replace City if their ban is upheld. In the crazy mechanism of working out...
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    Which is fairer? Coronavirus implications

    Voiding the season appears to be the only reasonable outcome. I sense that most fair-minded fans will acknowledge that 'resetting' would not be a result of a horrible, politcal injustice but rather a consequence of a devastating pandemic that will cost the lives of thousands, stretch the NHS and...
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    Race for The Top 10

    Son's injury is a massive blow but we still have the quality to punish most teams we have left. Dele had enough chances to bury Villa and was rather uncharacteristically profligate in front of goal on Sunday. Lucas and now Bergwjin should also contribute - Gio and Lamela also have an eye for a...
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    Race for The Top 10

    Very good shout regarding Leicester being pulled back into the mix. With no European distractions and a healthy 10 point gap you could be forgiven in thinking they have things wrapped up, however, after a fantastic start, they seem to be waning. They have a talented and balanced squad but it...
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    Player Watch - Steven Bergwijn

    Apologies if already asked/ answered but I assume Bergwijn is eligible for the next round of the CL on the basis PSV failed to qualify for the main competition (knocked out in second qualifying round) and ended up in the EL. Second, are there any restrictions on him playing in the replay...
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    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    Frightening to imagine how good (a fit) Ndmobele will be. He will thrive with Lo Celso next to him and the fluidity/movement of Son, Dele and Bergwijn ahead.
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    Gedson Fernandes

    This is clearly a highly speculative signing - but not one that should be ridiculed just because we have perhaps more pressing and urgent areas of the squad to address. Of course, there is every chance the guy could flop but structuring the deal as we have means that the is relatively little...