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    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    That Poch shall be supported this season, in so far as I'm aware of course as I haven't seen the tweet itself. Someone posted about it above.
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    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    Glad JJ's tweeted. Now you know he will be supported please get behind him and stop behaving like Arsenal fans.
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    Team vs Watford

    Are you lot for real?
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    Harry loves the club, we know that. He has obviously issued a big fuck off to all agents/clubs, hence the lack of any serious rumours. However, if we now need another 3-year rebuilding project, where we sign one player a window, I fully expect him to reconsider his position. He's one of the...
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    The Diamond

    I think Poch and Son voted gem. To have a chance at success with a diamond formation, you need: 1) Attacking, fit and agile full backs - We have a clown in Aurier and Rose who is coming to the end of his career and it shows in his inconsistency 2) A stalwart DM, capable of plugging holes - We...
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    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    I would hope we see us revert back to the 4-2-3-1. It's a better formation than either 3 at the back or the horrendous diamond. Perhaps one day it could serve us well. Maybe whatever it is Poch sees in the diamond can be realised. But not now. We need better personnel (i.e. the full backs) and...
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    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    Great post, you beautiful man.
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    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    Whereas using his worse statistics, having removed his good ones, is a perfect way of examining his tenure.... o_O
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    Reasons to be Cheerful

    That was Arsenal's best night in Europe for a decade.
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    Player Watch: Serge Aurier

    I'm not saying he's shit because of the dancing. I'm saying he's shit, and he dances. It's not very difficult, please read posts before answering. It's already a difficult morning. Son has shown up for us time and again. A few missed chances won't make me turn on him.
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    Team vs Brighton

    The fact that I agree that Lamela has to start shows how far we've dropped!
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Winks

    I can't see what Winks is either tbh. Gone are the days where as a CM all you had to be was combative. You need to be one of the following to play in that general area: 1) A good passer - by that I don't mean finding your left back, but good forward passes. Winks is OK, not noteworthy. 2) A...
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    Player Watch: Serge Aurier

    He is exactly the type of player Poch wanted out when he first came to the Club. A great player on paper, attribute wise. Quick, agile, aggressive. His personality is horrible though. A ****. No desire to improve it seems. Positioning is something everyone can learn if the will is there. It's...
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    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    People in this thread will know I'm against pulling the trigger on Poch at the moment, however our tactics last night were poor. After the first 30 we looked knackered out. We needed to be 3-0 up after 30 mins, as we were against Palace. We weren't and what followed was terrible. Winks is not a...
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    The Mauricio Pochettino thread

    Not so sure about that. Could be him....!