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    incorrect - if we had signed HM for that small amount we'd have had fantastic coverage for Jan - our bench that day included Wimmer. A CB group of Jan/ Maguire + Toby/Davidson would have been fantastic. I don't believe Levy should be blamed for missing out on Robertson because Davies ended in...

    Sporting Director

    another reason we need one: Add Maguire to the list of players we missed:

    Player Watch : Vincent Janssen

    If VJ has taken the Brighton offer (purchase) he'd probably still be in the Prem

    Spurs ask Mauricio Pochettino to take pay cut during coronavirus lockdown

    Seriously why should Poch agree to give up some of his money? There is absolutely no one on this forum who would do so if they were in that position. Forget the on the field stuff but he created the platform that facilitated Levy's stadium plans/ bond issue and more. Increased this billion pound...

    Spurs hoping to seal stadium naming rights agreement, Amazon keen on £250m deal

    25 million a year for 10 years and then rising from there which is very interesting when considering our current debt situation for context the stadium bond scheme has 15-30 year maturities at approx a max of 20 million a year so the entire stadium will be funded by the Poch mitigated austerity...

    Have you missed football?

    have missed football for its escapism benefits....funnily enough missed non-spurs games more due to the circumstances (other than peak Poch periods my 42+ years of support have always seen match days be a bit stressful)

    Furloughing staff

    so levy finally listened to reason - good the fans who pushed the club to do the right thing should feel proud that their efforts made a difference

    What Tottenham's defence could look like next season

    What would impress me - from a coaching perspective - would be to see Mourinho coach the group up to play with 5 at the back. Yes, true it hasn't worked so far but Jose hasn't had the opportunity and I think that with the group of player sticking around it could be the right base for us. The...

    Serge Aurier suggests he wants to play for PSG again

    wonderful please transfer back to psg
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    Rob Harris @RobHarris · 26m Liverpool shows impact of fans pushing against decisions they see as damaging to their club, rather than defending owners. Liverpool reversed plans to raise ticket prices at Anfield in 2016 and now the club has abandoned plans to use the government furlough scheme...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - Groundhog Day you say? Groundhog Day you say?

    now watching the 5-3 v Chelski - Poch in our dugout, Maureen in theirs, Kane mobile and making his own goals, Dembele immense, Rose....still getting turned around by Hazard (ah well) but then a gutsy finish. As an aside, shame how things ended with Townsend - that penalty was brilliant.
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    remember the itk from last summer that said they were an absolute shambles off the field?
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    yes - it starts to be a problem when your own fans start to dislike you....