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  • You really have got your knickers in a twist haven't you. Of course your recognition of players is better than mine, of course I was wrong and of course I am the one taking it too seriously. Whatever floats your boat mate. Have a wonderful day!! :up:
    What a strange reply.

    My comment 'Typical Pav shot miles wide' was made because I was referring to a shot made by Pav, when he put the ball miles over the crossbar. I assume you think I was referring to the half volley attempt by VDV. Quite where your comment about Defoe comes into it I don't know. Obviously my recognition of our players is a lot better than yours.

    In effect you are giving me neg feedback because you made a mistake! Thanks a lot!!!

    I also note that you didn't even have the decency to apologise for your mistake where you have incorrectly accused me of ramming my opinions down other people's throats.

    I can't believe that you have the nerve to tell me to 'not take it so seriously', when you are the one giving out undeserved neg rep willy-nilly - especially over a friendly.

    A word of advice for you, if you weren't to dish out neg rep so readily, people wouldn't take it so seriously. Just remember, it is only a game of football after all!
    Having reviewed the thread I gave you neg rep for saying "Typical Pav shot miles wide" when it was actually VDV. As everyone and there dog was slagging off our strikeforce in that game your comment sounded stupid to me and I negged it. Let me give you some advice Chris. Don't take it so seriously. It's only an internet forum and neg rep may well happen. If it makes you feel better please neg me all you want. Have a good day! :up:
    I find your comment to be amazing. You have given a neg rep but can't remember why?!

    You are so wide of the mark it is unbelievable. Far from ramming my opinion down people's throats, I keep my thoughts to myself and generally only comment in the match thread.
    If you care to check, you will find that your comment was made in the Orlando Pirates v Spurs thread.
    You will have to point me in the right direction of which thread it was as the forum search has been disabled. I believe it was because you did not listen to people and just kept ramming your opinion down their throat without excepting they are allowed to have an opinion too.
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