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  • Hil Bill, I noticed an obit today for David Bellotti and thought it was your father, having mentioned him in the past. If I'm not wrong, may I offer my sincere condolences to you and your family. He looked like a top bloke. Thinking of you x
    Hi Bill. Can't seem to get onto the transfer forum? Have I been banned from it, or something?
    Bill if we want to sell something Spurs related on the forum are we allowed to start a thread about the item, and in what sub-forum should it be posted?
    2 things, either SC members must post a certain number of posts per week to be "allowed" to rate posts, or the forum must make you quote the post you give neg rep to in order to explain (expose) your point. It is making the forum less fun under the current set up. If you are not a mod, can you point me in the right direction to voice my concerns? Thanks as always and COYS!! end all – part 3
    Hi mate. Thanks for the message. Yup, I'm a mod. I've posted this in Mod Forum so we're aware of it. We are looking at ratings system but if someone's abusing it - report them. We'll deal with them :) Cheers & COYS. BO
    They just troll around and put neg reps on posts from SC members who actually discuss things,... it's become annoying. I do not understand how to report them as they produce no posts to report. For example, look at ShamoneJackson. End of part 2
    Heya Bill -- are you a mod? Just asking as you seem quite sensible and something here at SC is getting right up my nose. This rating system,... it rewards trolls. I have not been hit with many neg rep ratings, but the majority I do get are from members who NEVER post anything themseves. end of part 1
    Just picked up Voyage magazine's guide to Singapore and have been greeted by your charming face!
    I apologise unresevedly. There should be some kind of health warning on the cover. ;)
    Forgive me for asking, but are you Bill Oddie, friend of Eirc Idle from Cambridge, and Michael Palin, as described in MPs diaries? Just curious.

    Andrew Vories
    Glad you like it (and cheers for the rep), I'd be absolutely chuffed if you nicked that, you'd have to post a link to the podcast so I could hear!
    Evening Squad Leader Oddie

    Intelligence well recieved, and opperation find a new Keith will commence
    Uh oh... :shifty:

    Ha ha I even tried to click on that lick just in case it was true! :lol:

    I'm so gullable! :lol:
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