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    Premier League 2020/21

    Unfortunately make a load of England appearances is an understatement
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Chelsea thread

    Im sure Kepa had some great saves and highlights the true test is when people start targeting Mendy and trying to get in his head, if he manages to stand up then brilliant
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    Player Watch: Harry Winks

    As soon as him and Sissoko were on the pitch I had flashbacks of the last 3 years. Sissoko terrible touch puts winks under pressure and he loses it for the sequence before the third. Both players are good enough to be in the squad but both can't play at the same time in my opinion
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    Match Threads Spurs vs West Ham - Match Thread

    As soon as I see Winks and Sissoko together on the team, I fear the worse
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    "Man Utd and Liverpool driving 'Project Big Picture' - football’s biggest shake-up in a generation"

    Ironically FFP was setup by the Italians to cement their standing as one of the big teams in Europe when City, Chelsea and etc. where going wild. Yet despite that Inter and AC struggled and their new owners couldn't pump money in lol Now the expansion of the CL is being proposed by the same...
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    The England Thread

    I personally don't like Southgate because as England U21 manager he would favour players who were from the academies of the Big 4 teams but never played any real football whilst someone like Harry Kane got few opportunities and was jigsawed around people like Berahino because they were the hot...
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    The England Thread

    Dangerous Columbia, lol, their best player was injured and didn't play. Sanchez was literally their highlight from the tournament the rest were meh at best. They may have been dangerous cause they had a pulse lol Competent Sweden - they were shit, anyone I dare you to argue with me on this...
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    The NFL Thread

    The documentary from that, is going to be amazing, I have never seen one play ruin a franchise/dynasty
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    The England Thread

    I would rather have their manager than ours tbh They are picking players who play in their correct positions I don't think they have the embarrassment of riches they had 2 years ago. Toby and Jan now near retirement hurts them alot
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    "Man Utd and Liverpool driving 'Project Big Picture' - football’s biggest shake-up in a generation"

    Probably were but the game is bigger now and now the clubs are trying to make it even less inclusive and its no wonder the American owners are trying to limit the game in to more a franchise model
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    "Man Utd and Liverpool driving 'Project Big Picture' - football’s biggest shake-up in a generation"

    If this happens Im done with football, if I'm being honest
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    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    I think they are some good signings to be honest They signed a new defence which is worrying some of these guys should slot in like Aina who is a local lad
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    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    Having watched that Derby team first hand and seen a lot of this Fulham team, this Fulham team imo is better and more potential but they have a style of play that is impossible to replicate in the premier league Fulham last season were having 70% in the championship. They cant do that in the PL
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    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    You didn't watch Derby in 2008