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    Timothy Castagne

    he’s coming off major injury if I recall
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    Zeki Çelik

    I think this Çelik guy is pretty darn good. Good balance both ways plus coaches have worked with him so know personality/fit.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - £3,361..........5th August

    Bournemouth has 2 players that would make a ton of sense (Wilson + Brooks) if we shift Lamela. Really hope that what Herc is alluding to.
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    Callum Wilson

    Remember when we saved ourselves the ignominy of signing Moussa Dembele (striker) for 5M 5 years ago because we were worried about his knees. that worked out well.
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    Zeki Çelik

    I mean, pretty good, but if Levy/Poch/Scouts had made the simple choice and bought Ricardo for 17M that summer instead of Aurier we wouldn’t be thinking twice about it.
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    Player Watch: Ryan Sessegnon

    And most critically, play games at the position we think he is. If we want him to be LB, it does no good to loan him out somewhere where he’ll play LW. Fit is by far the most important. I’d even rather have him in the Championship getting games at LB than on a survival chasing EPL team who...
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    David Brooks

    This is correct. He’s a younger, better and more homegrown Lamela. A little less shithousery and a little less psycho in the tackle, but better vision and more effective going forward. Actually has another foot. Would make this “trade” in a heartbeat.
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    Troy Deeney

    Wow. If that is accurate, we’d be crazy not to give it a shot, although just about every team in the Prem will be willing to meet that price. Hard part probably would be to convince him to come here and sit behind Kane where there are probably places he can quickly slot in as a likely starter...
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    David Brooks

    I actually agree re: the injury, but there’s no way they’re getting 40M coming off the back of it. there’s still some risk he doesn’t come all the way back to 100% even if it’s not to be a recurring injury.
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    Eberechi Eze

    Heck, by the time Eze is really ready to be an EPL starter Jose will likely be long gone. We should be seeing if a purchase/loan back gets us a good deal on one for the future
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    David Brooks

    Well, that’s us out of the Brooks sweepstakes. Love the player, but with his injury risk there’s no way he should be more than 20. Maybe this tips us back to Eze?
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    Player Watch: Serge Aurier

    Feels like a pretty normal negotiation to me. Buyer leaks their desired price. Seller leaks their desired price. Gap is large on a % basis but not that huge overall. Both sides have room to meet in the middle and claim they were able to move the other off the starting point. At end of day...
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    Player Watch Pierre-Emile Højbjerg - Player Watch

    I’d be shocked if the Winks part of this is really true. Seems Tottenham through and through and like he’d be happy to fight for his place. I’d even think he might see it as an opportunity to occasionally shed some of his defensive responsibilities and play as an 8, which I think is his better...
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    Troy Deeney

    Also, last time I checked neither plays striker. Coutinho might be fun to try. A 5’3 target man?
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    Troy Deeney

    Love these other options. Here’s the issue, every other player mentioned in this thread (perhaps save Callum Wilson) is going to cost 25-30M+. In my dreams, Uncle Joe is going to sell a painting and put the $ into the club to buy a striker, but it ain’t gonna happen. so, if you want to spend...