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  • I have tried to delete my subscription to the ITK Forum Discussion, I must have done it 10 times, I delete it, it says I have NO Subscriptions - and then an email pops up in my email box notifying me of a new message, what the hell am I doing wrong, this is driving me crazy!
    Cheers for getting the MJ comment. The audience last week enjoyed that one, which was good as they bloody worship Jacko here. I was even forced to do a mini-tribute to him to get them going at one stage (must get the clip on YouTube). Anyway, if there was only one person on the site who got that, I could have guessed it would be you. :wink:
    Welcome back :up:

    I wasn't sure if I should say welcome back or welcome back ****, anyway I went with the first one, hope you don't mind.
    Alright, sexy? How's tricks?
    Just noticed that I joined this site on exactly the same day as you. Spooky!
    I then noticed your name in my hairdressers appointment book.
    And, finally, there was a distinctive Charlie-shaped bulge in my bed the other day as Mrs O excused herself and jumped in a cold shower.
    Know anything about any of that?
    I started reading it, then i was distracted by a blue dog. I've noticed you've been doing similar round ups for a few days and i hate to see effort going unappreciated. I think i gave someone rep before for posting what was basically an essay, even though i thought it was a bunch of crap. Effort FTW. I'm sure it was a great read :lol:
    Hi Chas, Just a quickie, I intended to give Shanks some POSITIVE rep in a thread started by MrsK.. Apparently it was neg rep., which I have never given to anyone.

    Any chance of helping out an old ejjit at all, at all.

    Yours hopefully.

    Oh, and "compliments of the season" to you and yours !
    :-( Rob's the thief! He had obviously contemplated it otherwise he wouldn't have asked me!

    Ohhh also whilst I'm here, Rob said you had some WWII memorabilia packs... Tell me more, it's my topic for the summer term. x
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