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    Paulo Dybala

    Ditto motherfucker (y)
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    Agreed, It also reminds me that Arsenal Is Arseholes.
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    Transfer Pledges June-August 2019

    Fair Play mate, that's a substantial yearly increase on a already sizable donation, If you had posted this in the ITK thread you would probably get 50 winners. So £50 quid from me if we sign 2 more players !
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    Dani Ceballos signs for Arsenal

    OPTION 4: If you are a negative nelly like myself it will be pronounced : SISS-O-KO.
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    Player Watch: Kieran Trippier

    As I can't find a single footballer covered in tinsel on my google search, I totally agree.
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    Jack Grealish

    My dyslexic scouse friend has that tattooed on his knuckles!
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    Tottenham Hotspur vs Rochdale - Match Thread

    Utter fucking bull shit !!!!
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    Football impersonator

    This Guy's pretty spot on.
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    What our opponents' fans are saying about us 17/18

    Are you 6ft 9 and 24 stone, ex SAS by any chance?
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    The Spurs GOAT

    My friend thinks harry winks is the best looking lad out the lot of them !
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    Tottenham vs Real Madrid - Part II: The Match Thread

    Big up for Dele, hope he kicks on from here. Iv'e not been overly impressed with him until the last couple of matches. I think he'll have a fucking good season from now on in. Get him in ya fantasy teams lads, my man of the match!
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    Tottenham vs Real Madrid - Part II: The Match Thread

    Not for me I won £380 for that goal (y)
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    Most goals in a Calendar Year

    Mueller did better for a yogurt in the 70s.