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Just noticed you on the Juan Foyth thread and that you live in BsAs. Good to meet another porteño here!
I’m using a mates ticket for Barca away. However he’s been informed that they will be doing checks on all the tickets to make sure they match up with the appropriate name. Is this something that they take serious on CL away games or do they not bother checking ?
Thanks in advance
Geyzer Soze
Geyzer Soze
I’ve never had a ticket cross referenced to an ID

That said I’ve not attended last season or this

I very sincerely doubt it will be a problem
Seriously, if you don’t like my posts just ignore them rather than neg repping me. You clearly have the polar opposite view to all the others rating the posts and so save yourself the effort as it’s boring me now. Even better - Stick me on ignore
[QUOTE="Vinny_Sammways_left_peg, post: 6075112, member: 27995"]Fuck me some of you are bothered by the strangest things.[/QUOTE]
TBF you're letting stuff get to you a lot lately, you OK?
I'm all good - for the most part. I know I have had a couple of, shall we say, lively interactions on here lately, but all in all just watching business destroy a sport, cheese rooms, profit margins and transfer babble.

The usual.

As long as, and I'm hoping, I don't/haven't crossed any lines!

Everything alright with you?

(ta for the concern btw!)
Yeah I'm OK thanks, don't let the fuckers grind you down! It's a fight you'll never win. Although I still try occasionally :)
Pincey, his missus in real life was a bit of a girl, Candy Davies, was once Miss Nude Great Britain, I have very fond memories of her.
No need for an apology, been on here long enough to laugh it off. Blackrat 1299, I was a traffic cop in Essex for 20 years, after my military service. Blackrat was the term Mr Plod and the puplic gave us, not sure why.
I'm no spring chicken , i am 50 so we may have crossed paths.
highly unlikely i never so much as got 3pts ......slow , careful driver....that was me,my kids say i am the slowest they have ever seen
I did the main roads in and out of Essex A127, A13 and the M25 A12. Speeders I could tolerate (Within reason), drunk drivers I would hammer. tooo! Shame we have to wait but im sure it will be weeelllll worth it! Where are you going to be sitting?
North Upper - You? I say new....this was last season. So this is my second season!
Hi David. The jobs I've done have been up in East Anglia where I live. Sanctuary and Hereward housing were 2 clients as well as Cambridge and Norwich Councils. I now have another job in Peterborough. I haven't worked in London though. The jobs all involve rolling contracts since the research indicates that complete eradication is pretty much impossible but long term control is achievable.
Thanks for being the voice of reason and sensible comment on the New Stadium thread. I've greatly appreciated the time you've taken to explain what's been happening over the past years with the stadium build. Now that conspiracy theories are coming from all angles with anger and rage on all sides, it's good to read your comments and explanations.
Keep up the good work.
Best wishes.