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Good morning fella. I used to be able to submit front page news by following the link, found in the Forums/SC front page news link. That link no longer works - any ideas?
You left a spam rating on a news item which I'm sure was by accident. However it does the poster who is guilty of nothing more than bringing news to the site no favours, so we'd appreciate it if you would remove that rating . Thanks in advance
Spam rating? Any reason why?
God alone knows. He spammed me. I apologised for upsetting him (I was having a little joke) and then he spammed me for apologising to him. Some people are just that sad, I suppose.
Glad you got in touch on the Cancer thread. that's why I tagged you in my post. Hope it'll help you both. ATB mate. Colin
Morning mate! Im sure you have been suggested this before and ignored for good reason, but would it be worth trialling an 'alternative' transfer discussion thread in the Transfer Rumours forum?

Where people can chuck their muck, rather than spamming the ITK thread. I appreciate people can discuss this stuff literally anywhere else, but i think people want to discuss their own transfer theories in a specific place.
This way, when discussion gets off topic in the ITK thread, you and other posters can refer people to the alternative transfer thread.
Why should you give me a spam rating ? It’s pretty obvious there are a host of top clubs who would jump at paying the buy out amounts for Toby and Jan.