Why Christian Eriksen is one of the most underrated players in Europe

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by FootballWhispers, Mar 20, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by FootballWhispers, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. yiddopaul
    Because he doesn't play for United or Chelsea. Similar with Kane and the debate as to whether he's 'world class', sign for one of them. The debate stops.
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  2. jenko
    I think it's cos he's quite frustrating to watch 80% of the time and only world class 20%.

    I constantly complain about him and i know I'm wrong to most of the time. I just wish he could keep his shots down, crunch into tackles, and take a corner. I'll shut up now :mad:
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  3. kr1978
    True but you only have to look at a match thread on here to see plenty of our own fans don't appreciate him as well
  4. yiddopaul
    As Jenko said above, he can be frustrating. He's very inconsistent with his brilliance. But even with that, if one of the 'Sky 4' came in for him, he would be considered world class. I agree with you though regarding our fans not appreciating. I hate to think what they would've said about Hoddle back in the day!
  5. Shadydan
    If he played for another team, our fans who don't rate him would be clamouring for him I can guarantee you.
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  6. yiddopaul
    Oh I'm delighted we've got him. We are a perfect team for him to get better, more consistent. You just need to see what Poch has done with Walker/Rose. I think in the next few years, Eriksen is going to become massive for us.
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  7. TottenhamMattSpur
    A forum and an idiot are a match made in heaven.
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  8. N17Jack
    Has anyone else noticed that he never acknowledges the crowd, when he takes corners at the Park Lane and the crowd are really cheering him on, its like he cant hear it. I think the crowd might like him more if he gave a little back. Plus his knee slide after his superb goal against Southampton was substandard lol.
  9. TutanKlinsmann
    [QUOTE="jenko, post: 5393266, member: 1068"I just wish he could keep his shots down, crunch into tackles, and take a corner. I'll shut up now :mad:[/QUOTE]

    Take a proper corner to be exact, yeah. 8/10 corner he takes either short or couldn't find our target man
  10. Gassin's finest
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  11. bigspurs
    After Eriksen's first season with us, I was having a coversation/row with a rabid Gooner about who he would take from the Spurs side to their's if he could. He said that he would only want Eriksen. Obviously now, things are very different of course, but I reckon other fans have always recognised his qualities. As others have already said, it's down to his consistency over a season. He just doesn't turn up sometimes.
  12. beuller
    I dont understand what people are saying about eriksen.

    He has consistently been the league's top chance creator, assist maker, covers the most distance for players in position. Weighs in with a good amount of goals.

    If you dont like Christian Eriksen, can you imagine how you would feel with a lesser version.

    He has the best touch, vision, passing and ball striking of anyone in our team. Dont find him frustrating at all.
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  13. JimmyG2
    King James Bible
    And he said, Verily, I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own team.
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  14. R_1001001
    Not for me thanks. Well certainly not "crunching". I think he is better at pinching a ball using his brain/timing. He's even doing better disrupting an opponents header, considering his size and the fact he used to bottle it or have very little effect. He does better now, but I would not want injure the magician by asking him to throw himself into tackles. We have players of that ilk.
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  15. JimmyG2
    In the Zone.
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  16. tcyrus
    yeah, he should sign autographs and take a few selfies ,while he's over there.
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  17. 18Klinsmann
    Eriksen is our most important player going forward, and has the potential to become a worldclass playmaker. His corners have let him down too often, and he sometimes disappears against very physical sides, but his touch, vision and ability to create and take chances are up there with the very best. If he performs to his recent high level for the rest of the season and we finish in the top three again, he could well be approached by Barca as a replacement for Iniesta. In other words, if he gets any better we might struggle to keep him. Hopefully he's not flash enough for Barca, though. Fingers crossed he does keep performing, we do finish in the top three and he decides to stay with us to see how far we can go.
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  18. not_tenth-again
    We'll be seeing that offer this summer IMO
  19. Kiedis
    He's not flashy enough for the simpletons. Easy as that.

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