What our opponents' fans are saying about us 18/19

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Jul 23, 2013
West ham. Fans on KUMB

by TommyHammer on Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:07 pm
Spurs have been getting away with it so much the last couple of weeks. Last second winner against Fulham, 87th minute winner against Watford, 83rd minute winner against Newcastle, and now Leicester have missed a penalty against them. Jammy gits.

by Billydinho on Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:24 pm
Spurs are the luckiest team I’ve ever seen.

Every week they are ****ing wins.

Arsenal fans

Preacher said:
Logged in, just to say, that Spurs are unbelieveable lucky this year. It p*sses me off. Never seen something like this in one season.​

Lots of other posts going on about how lucky we are....

We haven't been lucky with injury, or getting pens.

We have players who are determined to get the points and keep going until the end of the game... Or until they get injured.
Not saying we haven't been lucky in some games, just nothing like other fans seem to think
Palace missed two open goals on Saturday while West Ham players spent more time rolling around on the floor than playing football. Meh. "You're too shit for England..."


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Jul 7, 2007
Dortmund Fans (via google translate...)

Bürki - Piszczek, Weigl, Diallo, Hakimi - Delaney, Witsel - Sancho, Götze, Guerreiro - Paco

Alli will definitely be missing, I would not be so sure about Kane. He is supposedly back in training a few days ago and probably has no problems. But for 90 minutes it will probably not be enough, at least in hindsight.

With flanks, corners or standards like free kicks on our goal we have to defend it better without Akanji. Our weakness in high balls and standards will have Pochettino then analyzed to the game. Command: "Feist and draw corners".

My tip: We will survive in London and not lose.

Overall, I had promised more from Toprak. Plays for 10 years felt CL and EL and was always considered very good header. Because of his age and his vast experience, we need to be able to lead our young defenders, all 3 regular defenders, who will be in front of him if injury free.

But even a Julian Weigl, with his gaming intelligence, learns the job as IV in a few weeks and puts a Toprak on the bench.

Would be very surprised if he brought Kane. It would not be risk-free to let them play, because if they want to be fourth, then they need a healthy Kane. - Alli is probably missing for both games, but even that can change.

Ok, so Reus did not fly to London, according to Kicker. Well offensive we did it well without him.

But of course, when we talk about heavy failures of Kane and Alli, Reus is also a bank. And then Zagadou and Akanji.

Will be interesting.

Since unfortunately neither Akanji nor Zagadou are there and Toprak just is not good, the back four will probably remain as it was yesterday. Enormously important that Delaney is back.

Possibly. Yesterday's line-up is the best option, so that Philipp takes over the 10 again and works defensively well. The defensive will win or lose this game, we should play counterattack, so I could imagine Pulisic for Guerreiro.

After the mistake of yesterday and the cut in the cup for me the least important game of the season! if you can get something then only the championship!
a. Because with this team, which is still in transition, the CL does not win and
b. The decision / progress in such a duel will in all likelihood fall in the second leg, you saw yesterday again that even 3 goals to catch up !!

Will probably arrive, which is more important to them. But he certainly will not play from the beginning.
For BVB, of course, incredible luck that the two best are injured. Thus, there will be hardly any problems to move into the quarterfinals. With Alli and Kane I would have estimated the games 50:50, but then 80:20 for BVB

But with Reus and Akanji, two top performers are definitely missing and Tottenham Son is always against us. That puts us back on a 50/50 duel.

Guys, do not be lulled by the guy.
It is and remains open, no matter what the bird here is.

Tottenham can still be champions 5 points behind Liverpool and 2 on City, is still feasible. Better than Frankfurt, Bremen and Hoffenheim are the home even without Kane and Ali ...

23:27 - 10 Feb. 2019

Possible # BVB line-up for the # CL match against Tottenham Hotspur

somehow I doubt at all that we'll get something there.
the outcome of the hope home game was just shit, now reus is still missing, and oh

Apart from rapha and sancho, there are no great people left for the offensive.
Philip does not get underway, Larsen is now not exactly bombed, and of "I get baked for months not the slightest" -pulisic I do not even start.
after rapha and sancho there is a decline in quality, without reus we are weakened.
our defense is after initial strength with weigl as a solution now totally vulnerable. the akanji failure plus no DAZ hurts without end.

at least a draw would be ultra important at home.

These are the Spurs, not Real.
If we play against Hoopenheim as in the first half, we take 3 points there. Basta.

Where the Spurs is yet another caliber than Hoppelheim, after all, currently 3rd in the PL with 5 points behind MC, but with a game less.
Therefore, I hope for one point, but expect a narrow defeat.

I really can not understand why we mean some that's just Tottenham !!
Probably they have not seen the last two games of ours against them !!


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Dec 2, 2006
Nice to know they are without Reus and their main centre back in Akanji. I do think this will be a high scoring affair.


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Jul 19, 2015
Dortmund are capable of scoring 3 or 4 and finishing this tie in the first leg, so it's important we don't concede stupid goals. Despite us looking shaky with 3 at the back recently I suspect that this is what we will play. I also have a sneaky feeling he will play KWP at LB (but I hope not). This is what I think Pock will go with....

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Personally, if Dier is fit I'd rather go with 4 at the back and let Dier drop in to make a 3 when we have possession to allow the FBs to push up and give width. I'd also start Rose at LB (despite how shattered he looked Sunday) as KWP is very right footed and offers little offensively from the left.

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