Video: Moussa Sissoko asserts his authority after Huddersfield player shoves Juan Foyth

Jun 29, 2003
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The transfer of Moussa Sissoko to Spurs from Tyneside raised a lot of eyebrows. Having been a mainstay at Newcastle, he made the move to Tottenham post the Magpies’ relegation in the 15-16 season. The versatile midfielder seemed to have made a good move when he joined Spurs.

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Aug 31, 2012
Love Moussa now and he is my player of the year. After he was getting stick at the start of his time with us for some poor displays he stuck at it, when it would have been so easy to go into his shell and do the bare minimum for his payroll.
That takes pride and mental strength, and is very commendable.
Dec 13, 2013
Agree he has shown superb mental strength to knuckle down amongst the criticism. Theres no shying away from the fact that he was pretty comedic when played on the right. But, criticism rests with poch for that and for persisting. When he was forced to play sissy in cm, the change was immediate. There was suddenly an imposing athlete who could stomp his authority all over the pitch. It's hard to imagine the cm without him in it now.

If he has time to work on his final ball and shooting, to add a few goals people would be saying he's a world beater.
Jul 1, 2015
Mousa is an athlete a workhorse a water carrier someone every team needs
He won’t get the plaudits but he’s one of a few players I’ve seen turn it around not many can do it especially at spurs it’s easier to go missing and hide
Paul Stewart done it but he had to move into midfield there’s probably a few others but he’s the one who off the top of my head that turned the crowd comparably to mousa.
Not an easy thing to do and shows the measure of the man
Aug 31, 2012
He was mostly played out of position as a wide player. He's so obviously a deep midfielder and ball carrier.

This push seems to have averted people's attention away from the utterly ridiculous bit of skill he did when dancing through the Huddersfield midfield and the fact his assist was as good as anyones this season.


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Mar 30, 2004


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Aug 30, 2010
Love the bit of 'nasty' that he's showing now. When he first came and was getting loads of stick he'd sometimes flare up a bit but you could tell it was frustration talking. Now, he steps straight in to defend his team-mates and the opposition know he won't take any shit. It's a great sign of the confidence he's now playing with.
Jun 4, 2004
Love how he’s stuck it to Spurs fans, myself included, and yet remains humble so every time he does something great it still eats away at us that we didn’t back him. He could give it the big ‘un now but instead he feeds us up with a double helping of delight and guilt. Well played Moussa, well played.