Ugo Ehiogu has died

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by davidmatzdorf, Apr 21, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by davidmatzdorf, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. peteblue
    Very sad news and only 44 years old. Thoughts are with his wife and family at this sad time RIP Ugo.
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  2. Lilbaz
    Wow. Sad indeed.
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  3. stuffies
    Sad new and can't believe an heart attack at that age specially with how fit he was.
    Thoughts go out to family and friends.....
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  4. Arnoldtoo
    Tragic news & puts the game of football in perspective. Thoughts are with his family.
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  5. Geyzer Soze
    Very common in the 40's it seems. I've had 3 friends suffer midnight heart attacks and die in the past few years, all early 40s, all outwardly healthy. It's about that time that undiagnosed congenital heart issues can easily rear their heads i'm told
  6. Japhet
    So very sad. Was so well regarded and had such a bright future ahead of him. Always admired him as a player and by all accounts was a very kind and supportive man to our youngsters. Rest in Peace Ugo.
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  7. newbie
    So sad, seemed a good guy. you got to feel so sorry for his family :(
  8. JC-Rule
    Let's go win that semi final match tomorrow lads.

    Let's gives Ugo a fitting memorial and tribute and go all the way.
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  9. Mullers
    Wow shocking news, a tingling went right through my body when I saw that headline. You just never know when your time is up, very sad. RIP Ugo.
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  10. Sweetsman
    I went to bed and woke up checking the news, because I didn't think this was straightforward. Not seeing any news made me think it was good news. Then, I got a text from a friend, who was at school with him. Apparently, Ugo was a Spurs fan as a school kid, so he was back at his spiritual home. It's sad that it's only after they have gone that you find out what a good human being someone was, but that's the way of good human beings. Tomorrow doesn't seem so important, but I hope we embody the style he was trying to inculcate in the youngsters. Pochettino wouldn't have entrusted them to him had he not been sure of his qualities. What we feel can be nothing compared to the loss that his loved ones are having to endure, and I wish them all the love and courage in this.
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  11. shao
    I'm gonna be 42 in July.
    Ugo dying so young is tragic and his family must be devastated. When someone dies unexpectedly like that it is soul destroying. Poor guy. RIP.
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  12. Danners9
    I understand what you're saying, but I think the game becomes more important. It's a tribute, a way of showing what kind of club Spurs is and what those players who worked with him and Poch have learned.

    Onomah retweeted an old post by Ehiogu from when JO scored his first Spurs goal, he said 'Going to make you proud big man' ( and lots of the younger ones have said he was a father figure to them.

    As you'd assume the attitude Poch wants runs through the club at all levels, which is why Ugo was given the U23 position, the players in the first team, those who came through the ranks and those in the youth teams now who have trained with the squad and might be with the team tomorrow (if not tomorrow then in the summer and next season) should use this game and the run in to demonstrate the players and people they have become and win it for their coach and their club. What better tribute than to earn a medal or two.
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  13. Phantom
    Extremely sad news and shocking, thoughts are with his family and friends.
  14. chinaman
    RIP. The good die young. So sad and best wishes for his family.
  15. gusrowe
    I along with thousands of Spurs fans offer our condolences. A real shame. He always appeared dignified, honest, reaspected and knowledgeable as a man and coach.
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  16. mawspurs
    Such sad and shocking news. RIP Ugo and condolences to his family.
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  17. Chris_D
    Sadly we're all going to die of something and 44 isn't freakishly young to have a heart attack. What happened to Muamba was exceptional but this less so, thoughts with his family.
  18. double0
    I am completely stunned. I knew Ugochukwu (Ugo for short) and Jr brother Uzoma when I was younger growing up. We went to neighbouring schools, Ugo schooled at Homerton House.

    Tho our paths in life differed I still of course had the utmost respect for the man his many achievements bestowed towards, (Ugo joining Spurs, I knew straight away he would improve the players 100% he was a top man with vast experience) Ugo being my senior 44 yhr, I turn 42 Sept our parents are of the same Igbo background ....I understood where he was coming from and the journey.

    So sad. May his soul rest in peace and condolences to Ehiogu family.
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