Tottenham open talks with Lyon over Tanguy Ndombélé but clubs far apart

Jun 29, 2003
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Tottenham’s pursuit of the Lyon midfielder Tanguy Ndombélé is being complicated by his €75m (£66.6m) price tag. Mauricio Pochettino, the Spurs manager, has told Daniel Levy, his chairman, that Ndombélé is precisely the type of player he wants to sign this summer, as he looks to refresh his project at the club.

Source: Guardian
Jun 4, 2017
No 'wheeler dealer' stuff please them the money and bring the lad need for gift wrapping. Just go to Lyon's website and press the 'add to basket' icon then 'checkout' immediately...(y)

Now that's an idea....Footballer E-Bay.....Buy Him Now Price or go to Auction....wonder how many players we'd be 'watching' :)...Can you imagine some of the Feedback...."Arrived in time but not as returns...very disappointed"


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Jul 7, 2012
He's worth £66m in this market. Fucking sign him.
I am negotiating with the biggest European clubs for Ndombélé
Come on man, do you really think the price tag is the stumbling block, he's practically trying to start a bidding war, it's not as easy as just putting in a bid of £66m, all he's gonna do is raise the price, £66m is what he's valued at, not his fee.


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Feb 20, 2005
If he is really wanted by Spurs we will buy him at the right price. Levy and Poch have got us this far not paying over the odds and finding the right player. I rest my place. We and the press can speculate to our hearts desire. If you read all the rumours we have been linked to 12 players and have a budget of £400 million. Let the press have their bullshit and let Levy and Poch get on with the job......a few surprises in the offing I feel. COYS