Tottenham cool interest in Ross Barkley

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jul 17, 2017.

  • by mawspurs, Jul 17, 2017 at 3:30 PM
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    Tottenham are cooling their interest in Everton midfielder Ross Barkley. The England international was left behind from Everton's trip to Tanzania last week with the club citing a groin injury.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. DanielCHillier
    The whole thing doesn't make sense from Evertons end, they don't want him and he can leave on a free in a year, but they're pricing him out of the market.
  2. beuller
    Barkley will move. They've already bought their backup plan.

    This is a late August deal wherever he goes. 30 Mil to someone will be the absolute tops. They cant afford to lose him for free next year. That would be crazy.
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  3. littlemandefoe
    Please please please bring this boy in. He can be world class if Poch gets him!!
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  4. strader
    On one hand i don't believe all the media talk, it's the season to sell stories. However i know he has been left out of a few Everton preseason trips.

    Why is DL so so frugal that he can't just get this done and give the player the opportunity to work with his new team mates.

    I am sick of the penny pinching exercise. Last year we did the same thing with MS and eventually got him on the last minute of the window. Still paid top dollar for him, who is to say if MS had a decent preseason things will have been different.

    Honestly i give up. Same approach every bleeding time. I am just frustrated with spurs transfer dealing.

    Do not care if i hit the nerve of BSODL. Enough is enough really.
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  5. rupsmith
    Bit harsh sir. We are not talking pennies here. Whatever his faults Levy knows how to handle money. Considering where he has got us I have to say in Dan Levy we should trust.
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  6. yiddopaul
    Best team in living memory, second place finish (despite the 'late arrivals' last season)... and you give up! The modern football fan. I suggest you support another team.
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  7. strader
    It is no about supporting another team, other teams who buy their players early don't have Chairman with two heads.

    We have a rigid preseason, we have one of the fittest team in the league. Do you expect a player to cone in and get started immediately. He will keep playing catch up, considering he wont have a good preseason with his current club, and when he eventually gets fit. He won't even be the same fitness level as the spurs team.

    I am totally delighted with our progress, eventual became a Season ticket holder after years on the waiting list. Come up with valid reasons to justify his actions of dragging transfers and not cheap comments of go an support another team.
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  8. spursfast
    look, at the end of the day the most important thing is we don't sell anymore players (key) until the widow shuts, any players the club bring in, they bring in, whenever they want to; they know the stakes, and all the issues you've raised...but we just got to be patient, but above all they don't let anymore players go
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  9. olliec
    I don't blame Levy for this. No way in hell he should pay 50m for a player that will walk free next season. This is down to the Everton chairman and his ridiculous expectations.

    I think it will be a last minute deal as well so he doesn't have time for any pre-season training with us. We just have to play the waiting game.
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  10. gusrowe
    Another Walker saga? Poch wants Barkley, Barkley doesn't want to stay at Everton. Levy will not pay 50 mill. Stalemate no different to the Walker situation but the shoe is not on Levys foot this time. In one more week Everton accept 35 mill. Plus add ons and sell back clause. Levy and Poch gerthere man, Everton are happy as Barkley will not sign a new contract and under Poch Barkley becomes the new Gazza. Well I can dream but feel I maybe not far off the true. I await a pile of negative replies.
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  11. peteblue
    Can we not just do a Sissoko + cash swap, if I remember just before we signed him that Everton were in for him as well, maybe they still want him.
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  12. Spur4life
    Slap £20 million for him anything more then not worth it.
  13. Paceyjg
    I wish the transfer market closed before the season starts!
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  14. Chris_D
    I suspect it's just Levy playing hardball. Look at this from Everton's point of view. Barkley wants out and won't sign a new contract. If they hang on much longer they lose him for nothing so they can't wait till January. If they can get Gylfi we can probably do this for around half the 50m fee I've seen in the press.
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  15. 14/04/91
    Remember, we don't sign players just for the season ahead. We sign players with an eye to the future, more so than any other club in the league.
    So yes it would be perfect for Barkley to have a full pre-season but if the deal doesn't happen til end of August, it's not the end of the world. There is a bigger picture here.

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