Test Event: Pick your Legends Team v Inter Forever


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Jun 28, 2012
In the Spurs veterans games, Andy Sinton is playing like he still could now. Bet he plays. Not commenting, just saying.


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Jul 24, 2013
Given how much we all like him as a pundit, it is easy to forget that he was that era's Lamela.

As mentioned by many, under Poch he would have been unreal I reckon (although injuries didn't help him).
I know he's young and in great shape compared to most of those lining up for the legends, but I'd be surprised if he isn't one of the best players on the pitch.


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Aug 11, 2004
Aren't the rules that they have to be retired or unattached to play against this Inter side?

So the list must include; Klinsmann, Freund, Ledley, Robbo, Ginola (if fit), Sheringham, Davids

Not necessarily musts but I'm sure the likes of Simon Davies, Edinburgh will be included seeing as they were at The Finale.


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Aug 20, 2013
How is Carr in the mix. Nothing about him is legendary
Most of the legends of the 80s are too old to realistically have much involvement. Even somebody who was 20 when we won the UEFA Cup in 84, for instance, is now 55 which isn't a good idea to have running around a pitch chasing players 20 years younger than them. So the team is always going to be predominantly full of players from the 90s and 2000s. Obviously many of the later ones from the Jol/Ramos/Harry eras haven't retired yet and thus aren't available. So you're always going to be picking a lot from an era where our performances weren't exactly legendary. Our of those, somebody who played over 250 times for us and won a trophy is always going to be a strong contendor. He was one of frankly rather few players worth watching in many of the lineups we had in that era.


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Aug 24, 2010

Paul Robinson - No better man to open up the New Park Lane than the keeper that had the greatest rapport with the old one.

Stephen Carr - The way he left meant a few were not happy with him but he made a return in Ledley's Testimonial and should do again.
Benoit Assou-Ekotto - Not sure I'd pick him to win a game but for a fun day out, you gotta have Benny.
Ledley King - No explanation needed. He could leave one knee at home and still boss the defence.
Campbell Fazio Jonathan Woodgate - One last time with Ledders. The defensive partnership that should have ruled the Premier League. But due to injuries won us the League Cup instead.

Chris Waddle - Twice the size he used to be, and half the speed. But my god does he still have it.
David Ginola - Lot's of health issues. But he never worked up a sweat on the pitch anyway.
Mousa Dembele - He's not playing in a proper league so make him available for this one. In fact, if it wasn't part of the deal to sell him Levy should be shot.
Ryan Mason - One of our own. Let him start the game, have a few passes with no-one near him, and sub him off quickly for Rafa Van Der Vaart.

Robbie Keane - Strikers are a tough choice so I'm going with the heart here.
Teddy Sheringham - Lads, it's Teddy.

Subs - Anyone else available. Hoddle for the same amount of time as Mason, maybe at the end of the game, with the same bubble wrap. He'd start if I didn't think it would be too much for him. Berbatov. Klinsmann. Anderton. Hazard just to watch him cry with the emotion of it all. Jenas (someone to blame). Tramazzani. if only to redeem himself. Fox and Saha for the way they played in Ledders Testimonial.

Manager - Big Martin Jol
He's got no hair, I still don't care. Turned up at the Finale and wouldn't go onto the pitch, just wanted to be there. And after gave me a Big Martin Jol Bearhug. We need to show him he's one of us, the man many people credit the start of the current upturn in our history too.

Referee - Mike Dean
Then bring on Lewis Holtby to take the bastard out.

I've missed loads. Fill in the gaps.
who will we replace VdV with after he has had 3 touches:cautious:


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Jan 31, 2005
Robbie Keane and Berba....were they our best attacking duo since Archibald and crooks? I can’t think of a pair that played together throughout the 90’s


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Jul 26, 2004
How is Carr in the mix. Nothing about him is legendary
You are forgetting his legendary ability to look like 90's TV chef Ken Hom.

This was very disarming for a hungry striker, often leading to them placing orders with Steve rather than trying to score...
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