Team v City


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Jul 6, 2012
Prepared to get negged to death for this, but I actually would go with the diamond again and the only change I would make is Eriksen in for Lamela. The diamond with Winks, Sissoko, and NDombele was far too defensive for playing Villa at home but for playing City away, I think we need that much weight in the midfield. Put Eriksen at the tip and try to pick them off on the break with Kane and Moura.

Hope everyone keeps a level head about this result. City are absolutely flying on all cylinders and we're still integrating signings and getting key players back from injuries and suspension. Glad we're getting a trip to the Ethiad over with early in the season when we're still figuring it out.
I have already written this game off. Any point we get is a victory.
Jul 15, 2012
------------------------- Lloris -------------------------
KWP ------ Toby ------------- Jan --------- Rose
-------- Winks --------------------- Ndombele --
-- Lamela --------- Eriksen ----- Sissoko ------
----------------------- Kane ---------------------------

Basically want to harass them into a draw. Natural replacement if/when we are down is Moura for Sissoko. Think you could also flip Lamela and Sissoko and provide more physicality on the KWP side, where it'll likely be targeted heavily. Just think this would give us the best chance to counter but also stand up from a physicality standpoint.


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Sep 27, 2005
The cool thing having bought more players and having a fit squad, is picking the lineup.

For me, Eriksen for Winks. Same lineup as the Villa game but Sissoko obviously dropping down alongside Ndombele


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May 22, 2017
It’s a bit of a toss up for me between trying to bully city which I think is possible and Sissoko winks Ndombele just being to stodgy without enough creativity. I just think if fit Lo Celso has to start. He’s a tough little fella but also offers creativity. You also need Moura for some pace and eriksen has to start so the choice is really winks or Sissoko. Just think Winks gives better balance and Sissoko is a handy sub if need to chase the game and change the tempo. Imagine the decisions when Son and dele are fit lol.

Aurier Alderweireld vertoghen Rose
Ndombele winks Lo Celso
Moura Kane eriksen


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May 23, 2018
Anyone know how close Lo Celso is to featuring? Can we expect to see him against City or will it take more time training to integrate him? Can't wait to see him play!
Aug 8, 2019
I don't see how Sissoko is not starting this. Poor against Villa, but these are the matches he is at his best in.

KWP - Alderweireld - Vertonghen - Rose
N'Dombele - Winks - Sissoko
Kane - Lucas

Would be pointless to give up the diamond just yet.

Harsh on Sanchez, but...

Then you got Lo Celso and Lamela that can play a role when people start to run out of energy (typically Lucas and I'm not sure how fit Eriksen is).
Jul 11, 2011
Unfortunately I think it will be the diamond again, but with Jan and Eriksen instead of Sanchez and Lamela. That being said, the diamond is useless when the other team parks the bus, but it's a bit better when the game is a little bit more open or when you're playing on the break. So it probably won't be as dysfunctional as it was in the first half against Villa.

I'm hoping for a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. That means one of the CMs that started against Villa needs to be dropped. I think Sissoko is useless in games like the last one because of his non-existent end product, but he usually really shines in games were we have to battle in midfield because physically he's like 3 players - so he has to start in this one. That means Winks or Ndombele will have to get the hook; probably Winks tbh.

Right back is an area of concern as well. Feels like Sterling can give both KWP and Aurier a real beating. Would like Aurier to start, because (A) he's better defensively and (B) if Sterling hammers him his confidence won't be destroyed. Yes, his brainfarts can cost us the game, but if KWP plays in this game and has a shocker, then I fear that will be the end of him. This is the toughest game of the season and I think the timing is poor in terms of KWP making the rb spot his. So it's probably better to protect him by leaving him on the bench.